Fur not rendering (with large pic)


Hello again everyone, how are you?
Apologies for the large picture, I hope it is ok to post.

I am to fur a the back of a model i made, and have chosen to ‘Extract’ out the area i wanted to fur so as not to slow down my pc. When i then render the model, fur doesn’t show up in the render. If I just fur the model as a whole without an extracted section, it does render, so I am obviously doing something wrong, but god knows what!! here is a pic showing the model with a furred back section, and a render shot showing that fur hasnt rendered. Also, that pink warning shows up after rendering, can that be the source of the problems?? Thanks for listening anyway.

Edit I have just found out that there may be a single pop up when you click this pic. The problem is solved now anyway, but I thought I would let you know anyway.


Just a stab in the dark…when you extract the faces is it doing something weird to your UV’s ? do you have the “keep faces togethher” option on so they are one piece ? did you try reasigning the fur to the seperated piece ?

try creating another fur description on the seperate piece after you extract,…does that work ??

You probably have tried all that but in case you didnt …:shrug:


The fur description was applied after the seperation took place. Also, mapped each part seperately using automatic mapping.

This was the order…
Model created, uv mapped, and fur assigned just to see if things are working generally.
Then, area seperated using ‘extract’ and keeping polys together.
Then mapping a 2 new uv’s to both parts. (automapping)
Then assigning fur description to one piece. This is when the fur doesn’t render.
Thanks for suggestions anyway!! keep em coming if you can!!



Did you check your surface normals are pointing the rightway,…try edit > delete all by type > Fur and create a new fur description,…try setting a new project. Try exporting the piece of geometry out and opening it in a new scene and apply fur,…does that work ? (this to see if there is soeting weird happening in your scene…)

if you havent already, try delete history on the surfaces,…

I wouldnt use auto mapping for fur as it breaks up your UV map, just try a planar for arguments sake which will give you a flat broad area,…

really you just have to try everythng you can think of. I have had these types of problems before with fur and you just have to go through a process of elimination to find out what the problem is

good luck


Thanks for your support umjetnik, I have stumbled upon a solution but it seems a bit strange to me. What do you think of this…

Whenever I Extract, I seem to generate a huge amount of polys that seemed to be grouped to the original model along side the extracted bit itself. I discovered this when i looked in the hypergraph. A huge list of entries named poly1, poly2, and so on. I deleted all of these (except the ones related to the models), and then everything seemed ok and the fur rendered. This was a sheer fluke and i was gobsmacked when it worked. What do I do? Let sleeping dogs lie? I would hate to continue with this project and find that this ‘workaround’ comes back to haunt me!!


The reason you hae so many faces is probably because you have polygons >tool options > keep new faces together off, which seperates all the extracted peices, where as if it were on they would be one piece.
Anyhow I just did a test and it worked fine with the fur…

what do you do ? Well, just take it as a lesson learnt and continue on, it wont be the last problem you have to solve…

good luck


Hello again umjetnik, you have been an absolute star!! Cheers

Polygons>Tools>keep faces together was what the problem was. I was editing the Polychipoff input node after the extraction. (there is a ‘keep faces together’ option there too). Thanks ever so much.


no problems, glad to help


As a follow up, what I noticed with Maya fur (And it took me a solid 12 hours straight to figure out) Is that furRender.exe really likes to work with small scene files. Fur is a post-render process that took me ages to figure out. In the end, I deleted all the extra geometry and nodes that I had in my scene that I could live without (Namely, a hundred or so blendshape targets). After doing that, all worked fine.

If it happens again, try cleaning out your scene. It worked for me…!



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