Fur-imitation shader - how can it be done?


I’ve found a very interesting lamb fur-imitation shader on one of Turbosquid’s models.


Could anyone please tell me how this effect can be achieved?

My guess is that the fur is a procedural shader and that the displacement channel is used. Is the texture fusion?

Here is the picture of the plain model:

Also, what types of noise may be used in color, displacement and bump channels?

Thank you very much in advance.

Edit: sorry, I messed up the links


Check out Storm Tracer



Oh, thank you!

But… is there absolutely no way to do it with a procedural shader?


does look like a noise in the displacement channel, shouldn’t be that hard to achieve


as FlyingP said its just displacements form the look of it, two noises mixed I’d figure, on larger softer on, and on fine lightone to add some roughness.


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