fun with occlusion


Hi guys !

     some fun I got playing with ctrl.occlusion.





OMG, that’s awesome… Thanks Fran…

Let me try before making comments…



I loaded up the test scene, this is what I got…

uhh, is this correct? explain.

Edit: For some reason the test scene doesn’t like me–and when I make my own scene using the ctrl_occlusion, I pop a lambert in the surface material (like in the test scene) and I get something that looks far closer to occlusion but it ignores the raytraced shadows from my spotlight–and, it’s rather bright and doesn’t even seem to respond to the spotlight’s diffuse emission…

I dunno…


hi francesca… awesome shader
never a day without having to say: problem!
i render the whole image and i get an image with very little spreading of the occlusion when what i should have gotten is what can be seen in the little box rendered correctly with render region…from the scene provided i can’t really make up what shader i should assign to what, could you kindly inform us about the correct shader building and assignment?


Your scene looks similarly problematic as to mine…
We need help francescaluce! :slight_smile:


Thanks francesca…
I’ve managed to run it with no problems.
With final gather it does look like your images here but just out of curiosity:
what kind of advantages you can have with the shader?!?
(i’m bothering you once again)…


Occlusion wheighted with surface luminance?

Less occlusion in direct light?

Something like this from Guy Rabiller?

(236kB, too large to attach).





Elvis75k > can you post briefly something on how you use the shader (what goes where and so on )


yes I would like to know too, the pipekline also where I can downlaod the shader?


After installation try to load the scene and turn on fg from the renderglobal :…
and also check the fg pass option from the ctrl.Occlusion shader…
But since now i don’t figure out what is for:…
I’ve noticed many great parameter to use with but without chances on screen…
As usual the shader came out with no description :smiley: and we may have
to wait a little for francesca_input_node.

Just last word: i think the shader is usefull when comp. with layers.



Ehy! Francesca, once again you give us indispensable features :slight_smile:


Please share some hints for the pipeline…




  it is a simple shader that does directional
  occlusion to simulate area light shadows.
  infact none of the pics above have shadows
  enabled. it is from 2x to up to 5x faster in 
  certain situations. not only you have color 
  corrrection nodes to tweak shadows in maya 
  before having to output them as a pass and 
  edit them. a great thing to speed up renders
 with finalgathering is to use it together with 
 ctrl.rays passing fewer samples to the precomp
 phase refining the apparence only in the final 
  the scene included is simply a shadow pass.
  if you check the alpha in the renderview you'll
  see the inverted usual black/white shadows.

Ehy! Francesca …

ehy zkan, how is it going ? :)

take care that only the first light you link in the
panel is obeyed, the others are ignored. and if
you wanna less diffused shadows just low down
the spread to something like 15/50. then if you
wanna give it a a bit of ‘contact shadow’ look
anyway you can tweak the blend parameter,
thanks for testing.



This is a good one.
Using a Light source to control the Ray Directions is very neat !!
Thanks a lot, really appreciated.


Hehe, it’s going fine thank you :slight_smile: Using your shaders on a daily basis now.
Aaah, cool, I tested the parameters and it’s nice.
Although, with some simple objects like hollow boxes the directional blend set to 1 seems to produce some odd effects.

Thanks again.


and what about this experimental feature ? :slight_smile:

[color=Plum]*(beta.v.2.0) [/color]



An elegant way and more important a fast way to render soft shadows.


sweeet, can’t wait to try this one out.


- Cool -

are you implementing this on a next release or
i miss the option to get the same effect?
ps. i had a lot of fun with the occlusion today :slight_smile:



Holy cow, it respects light and transparency!!:drool:
Thank you francescaluce and the ctrl. crew!