Hmmm so far not to happy with the gpu viewpoint…think they got rid of the other small viewpoint, i used that one to tell what things are going to look like. I hope I am



Hi mates,

I am using object source to emit smoke in fumefx. When the objects are falling down, can I decrease the density of smoke? Or even can I delete the smoke after the objects arrived on the ground? Any force or setting can achieve it? Thanks


yes you can animate everything in fume fx, in3ds max hit the animate…and change the smoke from like 3 to 0 at the point you want… then go from there…


Thanks for your reply. I am using RayFire with fumefx. Apart from animating the denisty of smoke, can I make the smoke be faded out by animated object? That means smoke will fade out automatically when objects stop animating,


Does anybody have GPU Viewport Display working in FumeFX 5 like shown in this video?

I have only preview working with the quality set to 1. Everything is more than 1 has artifacts. I have GTX 1080 video card.


That would be a Big no…I too have a 1080 GTX…I uninstalled 5 because of this reason.

update…ok Had to do a bit of adjusting to motherboard, now its working but still doesn’t look anything like the old viewpoint. some of the new features in 5 are cool but I wish this was gone.


Hey, I have a weird error and I was curious if anyone could help me. Whenever I simulate something, no sort of forces get calculated. If the emitter is moving there is no velocity caused by the movement, there is no gravity, if I add wind it doesn’t show up etc.

Anyone else encountered this?