Hi guys,

anyone knows a script or anything to offset fumefx cache?



Like offset the playback? Simply turn MacroRecorder on and try to change values and then use it for script like:

global selectedGrid = (for obj in selection collect obj)
try(destroyDialog FumeFXoffset)catch()
rollout FumeFXoffeset "FumeFX Offset Cache" (
	-- UI:
	spinner fx_Offset "Offset" range:[0,1000,selectedGrid[1].PlayFrom] type:#integer
	button doOffset "Do Offset"
	-- put more stuff here
	-- EXE:
	on doOffset pressed do (
		if (selectedGrid.count == 1) and (classof selectedGrid[1] == FumeFX) then (
			selectedGrid[1].PlayFrom = fx_Offset.value
			-- and here
			messageBox "Make Sure to Select FumeFX Grid"
)createDialog FumeFXoffeset

Its not working perfectly I wrote it in few minutes. But it should get you started



So anyone knows how to reload FumeFX GUI via maxscript. I was hoping this simple two lines would work but no:

$.EditUI = off
$.EditUI = on


I can be wrong, but the only way I found to use EditUI is switch to command panel:

$.EditUI = on
max modify mode


Thanks for ur time. But wht I am actually looking for is something like in maya or houdini. Lets say u simulate fire 1 to 10 frames. I need to offset this cache to 201 to 210 frame on the timeline. is it possible?


Yes. There is strat frame options in play back


Thanks It worked.



Its there a way to setup effector to modulate the simulation temperature by density? Eg when the density goes below 0.1 I want the temperature to go down -300.

I tried to simply bind the effector to temperature Master Effector but it doesn’t look like its doing what I want. My effector is testing smoke 0 - 0.1, the input is setup to smoke, and then I just replace the temperature.

Am I doing sth wrong?


I would have to mess around with it to see.

You can test by enabling Viewport Display + the channels you want to see + Show Slice + Numerical Values. Increase the Viewport Display-> Reduce value so that you can easily see the voxel values for the selected channel. Seeing the voxel channel values is the key to using effectors, without it, they would be pretty much useless to the general artist.


Hey, how I can make my smoke look better in default renderer? I used low spacing but my smoke still looks bad.


In FumeFX, is there a way to make fire fade in and out on exact frames?

I have a few objects in the container (Lets say a sphere, a cylinder, box). I the flames on the cylinder to begin to fade out on say frame 100, and finish fading out on frame 110.

Each way I try it, the fade takes way longer than I want, up to 15 frames more. (making the ‘Object Source’ active/not active on frames, putting everything at 0 on the frames that I want the flames to completely die off), but no, every way needs lots of frames more than I want.

I want exact frames. Begin to fade out on ‘x’ frame, and the flames gone by 'x’frame.


You’ll need to play with the burn rate too so flames don’t take too long to burn through the fuel already emitted.
But if you really need frame on/off exactly you might also want to fade them in comp.


is there any voluminance plugins for 3ds Max 2015


Is it possible to get low resolution draft of smoke in view port in 3ds max? I watched a tutorial on Maya, and the simulation would render in the fumefx output preview, but also the maya windows… I would like to do the same in 3ds max.



Maya has a nice volume display mode-thanks to the original/native fluid feature. This is missing from Max. FumeFX’s native preview window is as good as it gets.

FumeFX on Maya really greatly benefits from this I agree.


thanks for reply circusboy, I will have to live with it I guess.

Any tips for getting a shadow on the front side of some smoke when back lighting with a target spot? I have the light shadows on, atmosphere shadows on, and turned on cast/receive shadows in fumefx panel. Tried all shadow types shadow map, area, ray, etc…

My grid size is 100 and spacing set to 0.08. default scanline renderer.

The output looks flat without any depth. Looks like cheese.


Try playing with Illumination Parameters.
Here is a tutorial that gives the basics (page 3)

Maybe more than one shadow light can help too-but play with what you got first.


Thanks I will give that a go.

One thing striking me as odd is that if I add one light source to the scene and set the strength of it to 0, or even a negative value, the smoke in the render still appears as dull flat grey. My thinking is with those settings it should be black, ie. invivislbe and I wonder if this is somehow affecting the look of my final render.



In Rendering Tab, there is Ambient color which can be changed to pure black (zero additional lightning). With linear workflow gamma it affects too much.


Thanks everyone for input.

I had a lot more shadow effect on my model emitting smoke by playing with the visual and shadow falloff… like night and day difference.

Not really a big effect on my overall render, but still puzzling for me is when I turn lights off or set my object not to receive lights I get a very very dark render of the smoke… it should really invisible in this case. I tried playing with global, ambient light - no luck. no ideas why it happens.