Thanks for that. As I am using Particle source I guess my best bet is to access the pflow channel from fume. I will look into this. probably need to expose the channel in pflow first right?


Yeap, for simple operation just input color op and output it as script vector in data op.
In FFXParticle src there is AFC controller type, which should be ParticleFlow vector and Replace as output type.



Thanks for the screenshot. Seems super simple but I cant seem to get it to work. I have tried setting the smoke color source from gradient to grid . I have tried putting the the data op in different events still no luck


Maybe Simulate Color channel in Sim tab wasn’t turned on?

Here is a max2016 file to play with:
max file


Got it! simulate color was on. The issue is when you pick your pfsource you have to pick all the events and not just the engine ie PF source 01 you have to pick events as well. PF source 01 ->event1 etc, Thanks for your help.



As with the colors is it possible to send direction vector information from Pflow to fume fx. I am trying to create this effect, but I have a few streams of particles travelling on the surface and I want the smoke to follow this motion rather than go straight up.



Video example from afterworks website uses map to control direction. You can add colored map in to Velocity, Directional map slot, where Red color will move fluid to X direction, Green - Y and Blue - Z.
Or there is a cool example in help file how to use FFXVertexPaint modifier.

Making additional velocities from particles in easy way - just add new particle source, disable all channels generations (fuel, temp, smoke) except Velocity Multiplier. Usuall it works, never tried to read actual pflow data. And would gladly see your result at the end :slight_smile:



Yeah I went through the workflow and i understand it but I wasn’t able to get the result I want.They smoke starts taking the velocity but instead of following it shoots out at a tangent. From my experiments I think the FFX vertex painter maybe needs a fairly dense geometry to work. Maybe painting a map with photoshop will work better as you say.

Making additional velocities from particles in easy way - just add new particle source, disable all channels generations (fuel, temp, smoke) except Velocity Multiplier. Usuall it works, never tried to read actual pflow data.

do you mean you can use another FFX grid as a velocity source?

I am hoping to crack it this weekend will post something :slight_smile:


You’re no need another grid just create another source and only use velocity. I did it all time before. But later i started use stoke for it.


Trying fumefx 4.0 for a month now and I’m really liking it, but after some simulations and changing the settings I’m getting a weird bug as if fumefx doesn’t allow the fire and smoke to rise, when this happens i save my file, reset 3Ds max and reopen the file then it’s behaving normal again. it’s getting pretty frustrating to reset every time. does someone know whats causing this?

I’ve attached a link with screenshots of the same simulation with the same settings



Hi! I have this weird edges around the geo, they are now more apparent because I put some “fire” behind. If I turn off the fire the geo gets a dark edge (less noticeable but still there) I’m rendering everything with Vray and the “gamma/Lut correction” disabled. Any advice is welcomed. I’m compositing everything in Nuke.


Hi guys,
I am new here and think might be able to find some answer for the questions i facing.
But it might take me a while to read through all the pages.
Anyone kind enough to show me is there any way of rendering z-depth pass for fume with vray?

Thanks alot


Guys, I am having some problem here as whenever I gonna render my fumefx smoke, vray keeps loading few bucket at the corner pixel before it start rendering. Sometimes I takes about 10minutes before it start.

I wonder does this have something to do with the cache?
Or it’s just normal?



Enable it in fusion render. And use element render pass to render it


Thanks alot @tamagochy.

Did some research and getting there as well. Previously I have this fusionwork depth value clamp until i save out the image as a 32-bit only i realise the result.

How about using the depth element in vray to render fumefx smoke?
saw this zdepth pass was wondering how to set it up.


hey everybody,
I need to simulate smoke like that one:


I want to emit that kind of smoke from animated snake - anyone has any tips how to start that kind of simulation?
All of tutorials that I saw, was based on fat, large scale, thick smoke. I need to make it only in FumeFX, without Krakatoa etc.
Thanks in advance for all of reply.


Hey guys, i need some help. I need to create a galaxy. I am trying to do so with Pflow and FumeFX but i am having problems with the scale and simulation. Any help?.



Anyone know of a way to use the velocity from one FFx sim to influence another. Can I just export the velocity I want and then use it as an effector on the second sim or would it be easier to create an N-sim and have them connected?

I am trying to have a rocket take off after coming out of the water and want the velocity of the rocket to have an impact on the water.

Thanks for any advice.


Anyone here having problem using multiview in the GPU preview in FumeFX 4 . I have a scene with multiple fume grids and objects and I want to view all of them in one preview window. Multi view in GPU previews shows only few grids in my case. It works fine with the CPU preview but I want to see the objects and shadows too. Thanks :slight_smile:


So I was watching a tutorial video from Allan McKay, and in it he stated that if you are working in a linear workflow that Fume gets ‘double gamma corrected’ because of how 3ds atmospherics work. I’m inclined to believe him, but can anyone confirm this? He didn’t state how he knew that.