Maybe not the best example:

One particle system siwrling around to make fluids, another pflow system just going to the inside and only velocity from it used to drive fumefx.
FumeFX 3.5.


Hi. So I just found out that there is a limit of void sources you can use in sim. And the limit is ONE, haha. Well done sitnisati!

That’s at least how it works in 3.5.5. Is that’s how it is in all versions?


I have a FumeFX simulation created in max file with system units 1 unit = 1 meter. Is it possible to bring this simulated FumeFX into max file with units 1 unit = 1 centimeter? How do I re-scale the FumeFX box in the right manner? Should I just use Scale on the box or something else needs to be adjusted? Thank you for help!


Just scale


If your lucky thats all you need to do. But if you need the resim in the context of the new scale than thats a different story.
Another trick -if it circumstantially happens to work- is to duplicate the fume box and have it keep referencing
your cache. Do sim updates on the original fume but hide it from rendering. Scale the duplicate as you see fit.

But if context is too specific-say tracking a character than it gets harder.
As a starting point parent everything (fume grid, emitters, obstacles, forces, lights,etc) into a hierarchy. Scale the entire thing to fit the new shot scale. Everything is at least relative as a starting point.
But it is quite likely that if you need to sim at the new scale that the look will be changed dramatically.
Spacing etc will need to change if you need to be hirez. Not quite starting over-but not plug and play either.

Good luck


I always try to working in real scale size. And then scale only caches. Its avoid many problem ))


Hi guys,
Any advice on what the workflow would be to forming a shape with fume and pflow Where you have smoke already existing in the scene and then forming a shape still keeping some of the fume motion. For example: Fume FX follow - Age test - Find Target - lockbond.

The link below is what I have tried so far. But the motion is kind of harsh.



I am doing some color simulations. In the render tab I have Color Source set to grid. Three particle emitters set to a different color each. Sim tab simulate color ticked.

I am getting these weird black areas as you can see in the image above. Any idea what could be casing this?



You rendering with mental ray by any chance?


Hey, nope Vray. I am using PFlow not TP. These black areas can also be seen in the preview window. Its part of the sim. Its almost as if the colour data is not there. This part of the sim is moving very fast…could be that. I can only take a look at the file again on Monday. I will try use mesher, object scr to generate the colour from a image next. Hopefully that works.


Yeah it’s super weird, it looks like it has a boundary.


Looks like one of the particles is assigned to ‘black’. Can you isolate it? maybe it just is by mistake? If the color source isn’t grid is it fine?


Above is an image with cubic interpolation on. This which make it even worse. You are welcome to take a look at the file. Not sure what I am missing.


Sorry to say that I only have access to Linux and Maya Fumefx where i am now. So hopefully a Max user can try this for you.


Why can’t I pick an object after placing Particle source (helpers > fumefx > particle src)? Works with object source…
When hovering the button, I see “drag” mouse icon, which scrolls down/up the menu, so the buttons are inactive. ( image: http://imgur.com/HJOkP6k )


Why can’t I pick an object after placing down Particle Src (Helpers > FumeFX > Particle Src)? Works with Object src. When hovering the “Pick object” button, the “drag” icon shows up, so the buttons are inactive (image - http://imgur.com/HJOkP6k)


Hi guys,

I never post any questions because after searching this forum I usually find an answer rather quickly.
But, I haven’t found anyone with the same problem as me so here it goes:

After setting up a particle system and putting it into FumeFX (very basic setup), all is working fine… I can change parameters, simulation is working fine etc… up to one random point in time.
Suddenly the simulation is all weird and when changing the parameters back to where they were before,
the simulation keeps showing wrong things and I have to start all over…
It’s very random, the simulation is correct for 5 times, next one is wrong. I start again: simulation is correct for 8 times, next time is wrong etc…

Is there anyone who has had this problem?

thanks in advance :slight_smile:


hello I had a couple of fume questions.

The first is "is it possible to color the fume from pflow and have per event colors? or is the best way still to render with krakatoa.

second I am trying to do create an effect similar to the video on this page, its mentions something about user defined vector, how can this be done?




I suppose for the colors, one could put each event in a different particle source and color it that way. I am on a fumeless machine will check later.


You can put Vertex Color map in to color slot in FFX Object src. Just make channel nr the same in both places. With this way you can take colors from objects.
Taking colors from PFlow should be accessible in same way through Mesher compound. So, the only problem will be making actual color data in pflow itself.

Btw, in FumeFX 4 there is a way to access pflow float and vector channels directly, without any tricks above.
And user defined vector is FFXVertexPaint modifier (more info in a help file, tutorials section).

Hope that helps.