This may be a somewhat newbie question for someone like me who’s used fume for 4 years, but here we go anyway. :smiley:

Under the general tab, directly under spacing, there is a “Sim Up To” readout. I assumed this meant the maximum RAM that would be used to calculate the grid. However, I set mine at 22GB last night, but the simulation went over 32GB during simulation. If it’s not stopped at 22GB, what does this “Sim Up To” even mean?


Does anyone have a single clue of when FumeFX 4 will be released?
Not much info out at all regarding the update.


Yeah, I wondered this too. I’ve just gone into “It’ll happen when it happens” mode. If you don’t think about it, then one day it will show up and surprise you. :slight_smile:


Soon…ish? Sorry no more info than that. Along with some of the bigger things you have seen already, there is a ton of small additions and optimizations it will take you months to find them all. :slight_smile:


I mean, technically, we haven’t seen anything of Fume 4. Just been told. I’m sure it will be cool, though. :slight_smile:


Yes, 2-3 post on their facebook page, that’s all.
We, I guess we will see how far away “soon” is :slight_smile:


With Sitni Sati, “soon” usually means 6-8 months. That’s ok though, it’s usually worth the wait.


hello guys
pls anybody tell me how to create those smoke spikes? like here https://vimeo.com/63396573 I was spent much time to create this effect but have no luck (


Particle flow.
Make an emitter where it spawns 7 to 15 particles only, they travel like 3-4 frames. You slow them up with “drag” space warp, and delete them 1-2 frames after that.
Make a Fumefx container, include Fume particle source with particle you created, and Fume should make the rest (of course, you will need to tweak a fume settings a bit).

Take a look at this Cramer tutorial, but instead of using 500 (or whatever he uses), use 7, or whatever number of “spikes” you want. Give them a bit more life, and place a drag spacewarp.


FumeFx 4.0 is out. Looks to be a damn fine upgrade. Really excited to try this out.


If anyone has any blackbody shader render examples, I’d love to see how it looks. :slight_smile:


I have v4 now and I will try and use it as much as I can during the week :slight_smile:


Has v4 come out for Maya??

Doesnt seem like it from their website… Is a Maya release usually later than Max?


New to this thread. Amazing info here.

Even more amazing, it seems no one has ever talked about rendering with Arnold (at least according to the thread search results…)

Im trying out their plug-in for Maya and have to say, its like 10 times faster than MR.

Has anyone used Arnold for rendering Fume in maya?? Do you find it better or worse than other renderers?

One other weird thing - when my cache file size exceeds 4GB per frame it stops displaying on the viewport (and the GPU preview as well) and renders as a black screen. Anyone had this problem before?



There is only one team that works on both ports. In the past there has been an offset of half a year or so. Release depends on many factors, namely how easy and bug free it is to implement new features and fix critical old ones.


In my experience and those that I have worked for most FumeFX Max users use Vray or Scanline. There is strong integration into finalRender too.



Render Engines are a super tough market. I think Cebas is really focusing on the TP Subscription model. fR is pretty solid and renders FumeFX sometimes quite a bit faster than Vray depending on the setup. It is a great engine, just don’t think it gets as much credit as it deserves.


I tried a demo a long time ago, and it was pretty cool. Maybe it does need more love.


And how is the motion blur in v4.0 fellas? Thats always been a bit of an arse depending on the renderer.


There is now an actual parameter for mB vectors. I wasn’t able to test every scenario, you will have to try it for yourself.