That it did. At least it isn’t on subscription :wink:



quick question: Do I need my emitter when I do WTP?

Usually I don’t care about this and just sim WTP. But my setup uses self cache to test the temperature and add additional fuel to the sim in particle flow (using ffx birth and follow), so it’s pretty slow.

Or maybe WTP is simmed without emitter and uses defalut cache only (like retime), so disabling pflow will speed things up?


From the Sitni Sati Facebook Page…

“[FumeFX 4.0 teaser #2]
New solver type, new vorticity type, new burning model, Blackbody shader, OpenVDB support and much more. Stay tuned !”

Blackbody shader!


Question about Fume Grids and scale. I am trying to create a very large explosion, in scene scale terms. The grid is 3400x3400x3400 in actual dimensions (not spacing). System scale is 1 unit= 1 inch.

However, when I try to run an explosion sim at that size, nothing seems to behave as I would expect. vorticity, turbulence, burn rates, etc don’t behave like they do in smaller grids. Even the shading looks odd when rendered, like the edges of the flames are too sharp and don’t blend softly into the smoke.

Does anyone have a clue what might cause this?


I do everything in 1 unit = 1 cm (if i remember correctly-not using Max at the mo).
There is system scale script command mentioned a few times in this thread.
Maybe play with that?

But yes i would say its a ‘scale issue’ from what you describe…


Turns out it was a spacing issue. Normally, my final sim spacing is somewhere between 1 and 2. In this case, my grid was so large, that my final spacing was between 7 and 8. So it makes sense it would behave differently. Either way, I got what I was after. :slight_smile:


Hi there fellas.
I am simming a rocket launch, and because rocket is going really far, I used 4 FumeFX containers for one rocket (the more far is container from the camera, the less quality sim is)

Now, the problem:

I am having multiple rockets (like 80… or so), and I’ve planned to copy those 4 containers for each rocket (using same cache). The trouble is: how do I offset containers (all four for each rocket) to start playing from different frames ( for example) first (first 4 containers) start from 10th frame, second 4 containers (for second rocket) start from 30th frame, and so on).

I’ve linked first 4 containers to a dummy, and I am cloning manually, moving dummy around, and that’s totally Ok, but then I need to go to each of 4 cloned containers to set manually “play from” same value for all 4… and for the next for… and so on.

I’ve tried script “FumeFX Palyback offseting”, but it is ofseting every single containers in the scene, not the selected ones.

Hope I explained this well.
Thanks in advance.


This should work:

yourOffset  = 0
for obj in selection do (
	if classof obj == FumeFX do (
		obj.offset = yourOffset

Select grids and just change yourOffset :slight_smile:


Here with some UI, just run ctrl+E from script editor

try (destroyDialog OffsetFume)catch()
rollout OffsetFume "" (
	local yourOffset = 0
	local grids = #()
	spinner _offset "offset" type:#integer range:[-10000,10000,0]
	button _makeOffset "Offset Selected Grids"
	on _makeOffset pressed do (
		grids = selection as array
		yourOffset = _offset.value
		for obj in grids do (
			print obj.name
			if classof obj == FumeFX do (
				obj.offset = yourOffset
)createDialog OffsetFume


It works!
You just saved me a tons of time :slight_smile:

Can’t thank you enough for this.

If you come to Serbia, let me know, so I can buy you as much beer as you can drink. :slight_smile:


Nice Juzwa :keenly:


Great Script Juzwa!


I’m happy you all like it :slight_smile:

I can share some tools I wrote for fume that I’m using on a daily basis too. Just need to rewrite them for anyone to use (they are plugged into my pipeline now).

I’ll do this on a weekend maybe


That would be awesome, thanks again for the script.

One more quick question for everybody, while I am here. My rocket sim looks fine now, but I really don’t like fire (and smoke) mushroom at the beginning. At first few frames.
I am using PF (really fast) for fume, and I’ve increased simulation steps.
I’ve tried with various settings for burn rate, expansion, temperature, animating time scale, and lot’s of other stuff.
But mushroom is still there.

Any idea how to avoid mushroom, what settings to play with?


can you show some preview how exactly it looks like?



With pretty much every settings I am getting “mushroom”, bigger, or lower, but I can’t get rid of it completely.

Here is a screenshot
(Particle source here have temperature 750, and velocity 2,0)


Okey. First of all I do not recomend to use any units when working with fume. Becauce you may end up with turbulace scale like 300cm and still your settings will not make any sense. Better to scale the scene and use generic units.

I would vary the speed of particles by 100% or even more and give them some divergance, like 15. So eg take the life to 1 but vary on 2.

Than you need some turbulance. Unfortunatley, unlike Houdini, this is the only setting in fume that controls your fluid to break up (I hope Fume 4.0 will have disturbance field to control by temperature or density). And now that you have cm units it’s hard to tell…

You can try to change the CFL condition to like 10 and max steps to 5. But I’m not sure about this… This would be completely different when using simple source.

Actually you can try to use couple of simple sources that all point a little into the middle. This might give you some break ups


Use effector detect by temperature, or speed, or distance to add turbulence in mushroom voxels.


Thanks guys.

Because I needed this quick for yesterday, and had no time to pre-sim, I’ve succeeded by animating fire curve in the Fume. Not really a best solution, but I think, with a good post, it can look Ok.

Thanks mate. I can’t use a other scale then metrics, because I must forward the scene to some studio, and everything is in metrics there. It’s just that I am afraid that something else will be screwed up, if I change units. Scenes are complex, vehicles animated with craft studio… don’t ask :slight_smile:
I’ve tried pretty much everything you’ve mentioned already (except CFL condition (don’t really know what this option is for (gotta google it now)), but I keep getting a mushroom (sometimes smaller, but it’s there). I need something like this: http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/steamtradingcards/images/e/eb/1953_NATO_vs_Warsaw_Pact_Artwork_2.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20150203234945
So, a strong fire several frames in still position, and then missile start to move.
Anyway, I think I sorted it out with animating curve in fire render tab.

Unfortunately, I have a very poor knowledge of the effectors. I’ve watched some tutorials yesterday, and tried to brake up my particles with effector, but with no success. Maybe it is because my particles are so fast, that even effector can’t make it out on a time ()'ve tried: fuel, fire, velocity, temperature, turbulence… with both extreme values, and a “normal” values) .


That would be Awesome Thank You.


Hi there! I try to simulate a waterfall with FumeFX.
I tought of FumeFx because I like its light/shadow and volume accuracy compared to painting waterfall in post or using stock images, which are never going to match the perspective.
There might be a better software to simulate waterfall, but FumeFX is the one I have currently and I do not want to invest in a new software…

Unfortunately I have poor experience with Particles and Fluids. So I hope someone could give me some advice. I am aiming at very high image quality in matter of detail and realism!

Is the following workflow the right one?

  1. Particle simulation
  2. FumeFX
  3. Rendering out with Vray only FumeFX

Some other questions:

On Particle Simulation:
1.1. Particles or nParticles?
1.2. nPrticle has default settings for water, are those good?
1.3. Dose the size matter in relation with both Particles/nParticles and FumeFX?

In my render scene I have a real size Cliff of 20m (2000 Maya units) and the waterfall should fall from the top.
1.3.1. Will I get better results if I scale down the simulation?

On FumeFX:
2.1. As I wrote, I have no experience with FumeFX. I also couldn’t find no good tutorials for FumeFX/Maya. And the most of them are for smoke which goes up and I need it to fall down.

On rendering with Vray:
3.1. Can I take a single frame of the simulation, freeze it so I can eventually transform it and use it in my final render? It is for a still image…

Thank you for your help!