and it is :slight_smile: not orders of magnitude but it is quite a bit faster in larger simulations (obviously depending on your setup, of course gobs of particles will kill any sim)

I think everyone will be pleasantly…ecstatic with this release… particularly you Daniel :wink:


If I take your meaning properly, then I will be quite happy indeed.


Hello guys,

Anyone know how to render smoke with skylight shadows (ambient occlusion?) like here



With standard lights you could always do a light dome. Bascially a hemisphere array of directional lights pointing toward the center. Old school technique from the early 2000s. There is a script for it here…



many thanks )


hi guys,
need your help for a problem I am not being able to fix.
I need my wind to only affect my smoke and that too after certain level.I have a basic setup of fire emitting out smoke which is rising up straight,need to break that so that the top most part should catch some wind and sway.How can i get that ? Giving it a try thru effector but i think im doing something wrong :sad:
pls help



The best way I have found to do something like that is object velocity mapping.

You create a mapped object, like a plane, add a gradient ramp to it, then add it to an velocity only Object Source. In Object source choose Velocity->Extra->Mapping->Color intensity and add the Gradient Ramp.


I wonder if we’ll see Fume 4 by the end of the summer.


Unknown but…

Siggraph approacheth


Does any of you know how to set up fume preview paths?

$.setPath #preview “c:\yourPreviewFolder”
$.setPath “preview” “c:\yourPreviewFolder”

none of the above are working. And I can’t find anything on google about this


Your syntax is incorrect. It is close but close unfortunately doesn’t work.

 <boolean>SetPath <filename>path <name array>params

You could translate that to something like this:

 ffx = $FumeFX001
 thePath = @"C:\Temp\"
 ffx.setPath thePath (#preview)

You can then confirm your path is correct with another line like:

 ffx.getPath (#preview)


Thank you Johnny,

yeah it looks I was reading the documentation wrong :slight_smile:

probably got confused because of

setDir #preview path


No problem, I do it all the time.

I know there are a few approaches that are different, mostly because there you can deal with up to 6 different file paths just for your simulations, more if you are using custom swatches or even external file sources. It can get pretty crazy. Wait until you see what the future holds :wink:



I’m having problems with this and I dont know what is the cause.

So what I have are the rocks on some ground. I use both rocks and ground for the collisions. I’m sourcing from the rocks with push modifier. And a strong wind.

What is happening that where I have the collision with ground the smoke tends to shoot out id completely different direction that the force is. I even made extra velocity to 0 but this did not help a thing.

Here is what it looks like:


pass: Module04


Hmm. The emission is pretty consistent. Bad or overlapping geo usually emits sporadically.

I would first check the geo. Are the normals correct on those faces?

I would then try and remove the faces from the source emission. It could be that the tolerance between the rock and the ground is too close and causing an issue. This can happen when the distance is closer than 1 voxel (check the voxel scale in the lower left corner of the grid)

I you using map based emission?


Yes I’m using map for emission and velocity. But even with unplugged to velocity it still shoots out. So I guess deleting polygons is the only way to make this work…

I have one more question:

Is it possible to make the object emit using vertex paint as mask for the emission? I’ve seen this but I cannot make it to work.

I’m talking about the example where I have a mask(main map for emission). For map some procedural map, like noise. For mask vertex color. Then I paint the object with vertex paint.

The problem is that fume respects only one channel for an object. And I cannot use the same channel for noise and vertex paint.

I mean this is the only way when It works, when I set both maps the same channel. But this way the noise map is not respected and the vertex paint is bugged. I mean it even looks wrong in the viewport.

Here is an example:



About this issue: This seams to be the issue of fume and it should work. Just the info I managed to gather. Sinti Sati should have known about this already



How can I make one grid to control other grids rendering and shader settings? I wrote a tool in mxs to just copy all settings but maybe there is an option for that already?



I have stopped the wtp sim, saved the file and reopened max.

And when I wanted to resume the sim fume complained about the grid resolution that is does not match.

When I want to resim on default fume freeze on calculating the voxels for my object emitter.

When I change the object emitter it sims okey.

It only freeze on my original object.


RE: okey, found it. Somehow on saving my resolution went really small making sth about 99999x99999x99999 grid


And has gone. :frowning: