What are you having troubles with?

It looks like a particle based shot.


Just getting the look in general John. I’d like to know how it was approached. It looks so natural. When I attempt it, I get real obvious look that particles are obviously driving it. In that clip, that’s not really the case, it’s natural looking. The guy says it is driven by particles yeah, but doesn’t have any more info on it!

Looks pretty cool though doesn’t it.


Hello everyone.
One simple question:
I have animated Fumefx timescale. After simulation, render looks perfect, but what is strange that velocities multiplier isn’t getting any impact. So if I use velocity channel to drive particles, they’re not affected by my animated time scale. It’s normal? As I remember that in some old FFX versions was different behavior. No?
I’m on Fumefx 3.5.4, max2014.


Not quite sure if I understand what you are wanting to do. Or the context you are testing.

You are reading the FumeFX cache (say in PFlow) and its not having an effect? And the velocity attribute was exported in the cache (BTW this is not by default)?


Circusboy, thanks for reply.

After lot of different test, I found that not velocity channel cause this, but FumeFX follow operator doesn’t accept proper time slow downs. Not sure if it’s by design or for such circumstances another channel in FumeFX will be needed (acceleration?), but anyway, I can live with it :slight_smile:

Btw, if anyone missed/interested in coloring FumeFX techniques:


Soon will be more…


Yo Deko that looks sweet! :smiley:

I did do a couple small tests, what I found was the Velocity Magnitude was changing but the it did not seem to correctly interpret the position. So yes it appears to be a limitation or a bug. I will ask about it. Thanks for pointing it out.


Hmmm nvr mind


I agree beautiful stuff Deko. I’m not completely surprised there is a bug in that context. But also looks like you persevered …nicely.

I know from doing fumefx on maya as well the follow tools are introduced with ‘basic’ support and functionality.


Thanks Johnny,
thats I’m talking about. I can workaround this (I hope correctly enough), but just thinking what is the reasons of such design.

Thanks circusboy :wink:


could this be solved using thinking particles instead of loading the cache into pflow?


I tried, FumeFX Follow node in TP works exactly the same like in PFlow. Maybe in TP it’s a little easier to link velocity multiplier to timescale, but i’m not sure how accurate result is. Need more testing…


It looks the velocity magnitude is correct, is is just the function on the resulting positions of the velocity vector seems to be in question. One would think that it would affect the position as well as the time it takes to get there. You know what I mean? Maybe I am not expressing my thought clearly.


talking about bug, i had this buggin me long ago and couldn’t find solution else where, when my sim box is away from the center too much, let say x or y or z position had a amount larger than 6000 7000. My fume render will have a few very obvious horizontal line like offsetting the simulation by few part, but there’s isnt any on the simulation display, I tried the step size and jittering but its not fixing anything, my only solution is offsetting the whole scene which i find very troublesome everytime when such problem occur. I’ll be glad if anyone had a solution to this already.


This sounds like something that was fixed for the later maya versions-I think related to having adaptive grid on (?!)
No matter what - can you still repro in either the latest version? If so you should be sending it to Afterworks…


hmm, never try turning adaptive grid off, I m using max fume and yes its the latest fume version, will let you know if it works.


hi all, i can’t find “reauthorize fumefx-mr shader” couldsomeone please help me to find it ? :shrug: !


Hi guys,
I’m creating fire for torches, the main character is juggling with them and I would like you guys to ask for some help.
As in the reference picture bellow I can’t get the fire like in the red rectangle. I have bigger emission and flames already cover up this part.My sup wants to be like more like in this pic, that density of fire would be almost invisible.

I was trying with simple src and texture, pflow (spawning from object with texture, but encounter problem that particle are not changing position with rotating texture). Trying diferent stuff, shapes textures etc. I need to work on this more but I am courious what will be yours approach for this, maybe you guys have cool ideas or suggestions. It could be Pflow or TP also.

Here is another example


Maybe emit from the geometry itself? And emit from a texture from that?
Also you might find you layer emiters.
-one for the look of the ‘head’ (geometry emiter)
-one for the look of the tendrils (particle emitter).

Maybe its even a matter of playing with opacity and brightness-even expansion and burn rate.

Seems like it should be easy-but context changes everything.


Had a question to bounce off you guys. I have pretty much been able to get a CG explosion to look exactly how I want, except for one problem which I always have.

If I turn up vorticity enough to get nice fire detail, then the resulting smoke is always too fuzzy after the fire burns off. In a real explosion, the fire often has a high vorticity but as soon as the products burn the smoke that rises up is a nice soft rolling cloud which is not nearly as chaotic as the fireball it just came from.

On the other hand if I turn vorticity down to get a nice rolling cloud, then the fire is also soft and wispy looking. I have tried to use effectors to control fire and smoke vorticity differently, but I just can’t seem to dial in what I want.

Any of you guys have a suggestion that might get me what I am after?


Hi Danny,

I’ve run into similar problems, needing reasonably chaotic fire/flames and then nice soft billowy smoke (like in an oil fire). I solved it by using an effector linked into the vorticity and/or turbulence that was triggered by the temperature.

So when the temp is high (fire) the turb is also high, and when the temp drops (fire turns to smoke) the turb also drops. Effectors can be a bit tricky to set up (well I thought so) but they solved my problem.

  • Garry