Hey guys,
I just made available some FumeFX scenes for free.


3dsmax scenes:

More info about used techniques:


Wow that’s amazing thanks man :slight_smile:


Make sure the end frame set for the sim matches the end frame you want for the shot.
Sounds like its simply stopped simming because you’ve moved beyond the sim’s currently defined end frame.


thanks for guidance buddy , yep check that too :frowning: i guess i need to remove and setup my fume fx again


Hello Fellow Fumers

I’m relatively new to the sim game, and I’m really enjoying it. I was wondering if anyone had some advice with a problem I’m having.
I have a project that has been modelled and animated in Maya. I am to do the FX in Max where I have FumeFX installed. The problem is the render farm I have access to is ONLY for Maya !

I have my sim, being sourced from objects that I have .FBX’d over to Max and then trying to get the sims BACK to maya to render out in Arnold. The biggest problem I’m having is with the location and scale of the sim in question. Is there a way to record position and scale in the .vdb sim so I can just read it to match the same geo and cameras that are set up back in Maya ?

All my attempts so far in reading my .vdb files have worked, but they’re no where near the same position or scale as they were. Can anyone help me in ironing out the problems in my workflow ?

Thanks for the help !


For some reason I got this 3 weeks late.
This is a fairly common problem with data imports.
FBX likely has a scene scale option but it is relative to your MAX scene scale and Maya’s

So it may take a few tests and i can no longer run Max (working in Linux) but it is easy to solve once you find the recipe.
More info here:


sup… been gone a long time…poop


Cool :slight_smile: Have you played with the new stuff in FFX 5.1? We’re waiting till a project ends to upgrade, in September


just installed…playing now…:bounce:


Nice :)Post up some frames. And we gotta throw that Disney cloud in too :slight_smile:


Hmmm so far not to happy with the gpu viewpoint…think they got rid of the other small viewpoint, i used that one to tell what things are going to look like. I hope I am



Hi mates,

I am using object source to emit smoke in fumefx. When the objects are falling down, can I decrease the density of smoke? Or even can I delete the smoke after the objects arrived on the ground? Any force or setting can achieve it? Thanks


yes you can animate everything in fume fx, in3ds max hit the animate…and change the smoke from like 3 to 0 at the point you want… then go from there…


Thanks for your reply. I am using RayFire with fumefx. Apart from animating the denisty of smoke, can I make the smoke be faded out by animated object? That means smoke will fade out automatically when objects stop animating,


Does anybody have GPU Viewport Display working in FumeFX 5 like shown in this video?

I have only preview working with the quality set to 1. Everything is more than 1 has artifacts. I have GTX 1080 video card.


That would be a Big no…I too have a 1080 GTX…I uninstalled 5 because of this reason.

update…ok Had to do a bit of adjusting to motherboard, now its working but still doesn’t look anything like the old viewpoint. some of the new features in 5 are cool but I wish this was gone.


Hey, I have a weird error and I was curious if anyone could help me. Whenever I simulate something, no sort of forces get calculated. If the emitter is moving there is no velocity caused by the movement, there is no gravity, if I add wind it doesn’t show up etc.

Anyone else encountered this?




Hello everyone,

I have been recently working on a cloud system which I think would be cool if somehow there was a way to gain control over some aspects of the shape overall.

So In the below images:
2 of them from the same sim for testing purposes and the other one as a reference image.
I noticed clouds tend to usually have that look where the edges are more detailed and turbulent but as it transitions to the center-shape its more diffused as shown in the ref image, All the more reason why this effect is needed, refer please to the pic “CG1.jpg”, notice all the vorticity in the overall shape where in fact, this should only be applied to the edges. my question is how to achieve this look in Fume? I tried with effectors, messing around with the velocity channel, but no results; unsure if that’s an effective method, any ideas? I’m thinking maybe expressions?

much appreciated,


Hello SherSafi,

It looks very good actually. I would try to render it with Arnold render and set Volume Indirect to 5.
That will give it a lot more natural look.

Kresimir Tkalcec