FumeFX ToonShader ??


So I’m doing research on finding a clean procedural way to create “Cartoon Fire” for a big upcoming project. I’ve tried driving Fume in pFlow and using blobmesh then applying a toon shader to the geometry , I dont like the outcome of blobmesh and it seems slow and constricting.

I found that PhoenixFD has a Solid render option and it looks and works best but I’m trying to stick with FumeFX and pFlow; is there a way to get FumeFX to generate seamless Geometry?

Here is what PhoenixFD looks like which is the look im going for.


I’d go with Krakatoa for that :slight_smile:


Or Frost, which is significantly faster and more flexible than the BlobMesh. :slight_smile:
I am not crazy about the toon shading look I got out of Krakatoa and FumeFX, TBH.


Fume->Krakatoa->Frost->fT :slight_smile: Somehting I was testing a little while back, you’ll have to forgive my not completely knowledgeable use of finalToon.

EDIT: and a quick render - http://vimeo.com/25069149

BTW for what it is worth, the toon bunnies were a pretty cool proof of concept with what you can do with KCM when you know what you are doing :slight_smile: Still trying working through what you did in the back of my head.


Bobo Frost works perfect! Thanks for that! Yeah only using Krakatoa to save out as PRT and apply Frost, works so nice


Johnny you the man, thanks for that. I’ve been just using Scanline’s Ink & Paint which does the job but looking at your FinalToon I think I might try that. You rock


I have had some great results applying a toon look on post. You must have to render it out as toon for your app?


I’ve been interested in this for a few years but never got around to doing it, post up some vids.

Great info as always peeps.


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