fumefx sim ignoring collision object


Can someone help me out, I have a scene with a particle source for an explosion, but I need the the simulation to interact with a wall (box) as a collision object. I have the box added into the fumefx UI as a solid type. But the explosion just goes right through it once I sim. I can’t seem to figure out how to fix this. Thanks


Just a blind guess:
Have you tried adding a shell modifier on the box?
Or even more importantly, increasing frames substeps in simulation (maybe explosion is so fast, that it doesn’t see the box)?


I think the cell spacing needs to be smaller than the width of the wall. Which it almost certainly already is.

In the “Sim”-tab, “Maximum Simulation Steps:” the default of “1” for a maximum might be a bit low.

does unpicking and re-picking it as an object help?