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Not too long ago I decided to start tackling some Max script to speed up my work flow, after doing a simple tool for cracking geo (just like [rayfire](http://mirvadim.com/)by mirvadim.....which IS far more stable, and integrated into reactor/PhysX), I decided to tackle something which extends the "preset" functionality in FumeFX.

Basically what I have made is something that takes the auto pilot out of the initial set-up, (which I have now found to save me anywhere from 15 -30 mins of intial set-up on effects, this is great as I am just making my fx's library at work, so there's nothing to go from.) 

A quick run-down: Makes a container, light, source, add them together with their own specific attributes, loads in a preset i have created. Then one button click later and your simulating a preset like fire, or an explosion.

What I have is fairly basic and I plane to extend this further in my spare time. But ANY feed back on what I am making/showing would be awesome!

ATM I'm not looking at releasing it, as is a bit buggy, and fairly simple, but once I have a tone more presets, get it being allot more reliable, and overall more "complete", I'll then most likely will release it out.

Currently I have made four main and one standard preset: a "default", "Fire", "Explosion", "Oil Fire" and "Mist".


I'm looking to add more elements like different types of smoke, more elements to explosions, embers into fire, magical effects, handles (in view port) for extra animation, material connection into FumeFX,container baking to moving objects, baking to particles, and also particle driven fume. 
A nice long list, but something which will save me heaps of time making FX's at work, and also save other time as-well. 

Anyways here's a link to all the video's that are on my site (hosted on youtube through my website, and should be HD), please comment, as the feedback for what you guys think or would like to see would be fantastic!


Cheers Kieran!


Pretty cool, nice idea :slight_smile:


nice, i will definitely check it out :slight_smile:

is it me or is there no link to the script(s) yet?


that tool looks wicked kogden! A great help for us part time vfxers so we can get something halfway there pretty quick and I’m sure just as useful for the full timers.

Thanks for sharing! Its much appreciated :thumbsup:


Thanks for the replies :smiley:

I’d love to release it, except that its really not quite finished, and its still is a little buggy :(, and overall i would like it too be of a bit higher quality (fx’s wise). Sorry, maybe in a month or so when i finally do “finish”. Then i might release a beta test or something similar ;). So hold tight!

Keep checking it out though, and commenting, i really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Cheers Kieran.


Nice, looks like a great time saver for the casual FX artist :slight_smile:


Really nice work kogden! I cannot wait until this releases, this will be of very much help in my simulation! Thanks again for creating this powerful script!


isnt it finished yet ? :cry: :bowdown:


I hope so =D


poke any news?


Sorry for that late reply everyone…

I have been working my little ass of at work, so no home time 3d for me over the last few months:( i am still doing bits and pieces though (mainly little improvements to functionality, like source mangers etc), and will keep a update on it when i release a beta or something like that :slight_smile:

Again sorry for the lack of response’s, just been super busy(and looks like i will be until xmas)

So hang tight :slight_smile:

Cheers Kieran.


check this out


i used fume and Rayfire

how is it


buggy…so what… so is 1/2 the plugs I use…:stuck_out_tongue:

this looks so cool…


I think it should be much more dynamic!
now it looks like the chunks are pushed slowly from the inside.
Fume itself need more detail!
keep working on it



I can’t wait until it is released!


Well he’s busy till xmas so hopefully it won’t be too long :wink:


Holy Crap…Sorry I have been negelecting all my forum posts for this!

Here is a Early Xmas Present for you!

The beta is out. Its still buggy…but you guys can handle whats wrong with it!

Can be Downloaded from Scriptspot!


Thanks for hanging in there people!




Thank you kogden, this will come in handy…merry xmas! :buttrock:


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