FumeFX for Lightwave


Will you send an e-mail to FumeFX to get support for Lightwave?
They are concidering it, your vote will help

FumeFX Link


I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but they don’t exactly have a history of making plugins for anything other than 3ds max, and I doubt they will be starting it now with fumefx…even if it would be nice for the lightwave community.

Fumefx kicks arse btw. :slight_smile:


Could be, but picked up this line,

Jasond I emailed the FumeFX developer a while ago to ask about getting it into LW. They responded that at this point “nothing was out of the question.”


Send that e-mail :wink:


Yeah I remember hearing that too actually, but I just wanna make sure you don’t get your hopes up too much. :slight_smile: This would be the first other-than-max plugin they would convert, and I’m willing to bet a lot of the plugin relies on max… not so much as some of the others they make, but nonetheless. …plus for lightwave one has Dynamite… max has no other competitors right now, so they will most likely be focusing their efforts on features for the next few updates for quite a while. But again – nothing is out of the question… just a matter of time I’m sure.


It’d be cool to have FumeFX, no doubt…but I’d settle for simply having better support for Dynamite. It (Dynamite) is a really cool plugin, but the developer doesn’t seem to be the easiest person in the world to get a hold of. :shrug:


Well it looks like ya’ll’s gonna have to convert to 3D Studio Maxism lol. Come on now… Be part of the…




…if I had the money… :slight_smile:


Heh…I’ll pass…thanks for the invite, though… :smiley:


Oh…sure! Fume fx would be nice,think I will send an email…
Not converting To Max thou…boy it was a long time since I tried that one out,I may take a look at the new max somewhere thou …some day.

I just wonder what the next version of Dynamite will bring us?



Looks damn cool, much better than dynamite… would love to see it… doubt it, like others said, they are max only really… never hurts to try, after what, 6 years Syflex finally comes to LW… :wink:


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