FumeFX 5.0 for Cinema 4D beta



We’re pleased to annouce that the FumeFX 5.0 for Cinema 4D public beta is now open!
If you wish to participate in beta testing program, please email us at support@afterworks.com with “FumeFX 5.0 C4D beta” in the Subject field.

Supported C4D versions:
18,19 and 20 running the Windows OS.




We’re looking forward to this release!

Best Regards

Your FumeFX Team


Looks very nice with deformers integration


Is there a MacOS version in the works?


Hoping for compatibility within VRay and Redshift.
Got to admit, this is a hugely welcome addition…



Yes, we plan the OSX version later along the road.



We plan the VRay shader, but it might not have the full GI support.
The best way is to simulate to VDB and to render with Volume Grid that’s included with every renderer out there.


A macOS version will be most welcomee!


A macOS version will be most welcomee!

I second that! Would love to try this on the Mac.


GI with standard and physical renderer!!! That’s what kills me about xparticles is the lack of standard and physical support.

Mac version would be nice, though it’s looking like I’ll probably be switching to PC in the near future.



I just wanted to let you know that we’ve just released the FumeFX 5 for Cinema 4D - both Windows and OS X:


Thanks for supporting the Mac – will you have a trial version available so I can test it out? Would like to see what the actual sim speeds are like.


You’re welcome.
Trial version will be available by the end of the week.
The only difference from commercial version is that it’ll have watermarked caches and grid size limit of 125 million voxels.


Great, I’ll definitely give it a try out.

EDIT: Okay, I have. So far, really impressed. Easy to learn and set up, decent sim speeds, nice viewport preview and really fast, good looking renders. I was hoping not to spend any more money this side of Christmas, but…


Darth, after testing out the demo for about an hour I couldn’t agree more with your assessment; this is an impressive sim. Insydium should be taking notice!


I’m playing with the demo now, and the results are just spectacular. I’ve made prettier sims in two days than I have for years futzing around with TFD (TFD is also brilliant, but FumeFX just looks more impressive with less hassle – and it’s rock solid too). If only they had an early adopter/be nice for Christmas discount :grinning:


Well I bought FumeFX and am thrilled with it. It creates the most beautiful sims – it’s even better than TFD and blows X-Partcles’ Xplosia out of the water for simplicity, speed, and ease of rendering (every aspect, in fact). I know its not cheap, but it’s absolutely brilliant. I can’t recommend it (and Satni Sati’s support) highly enough.


I might be right behind you Darth. I already have Xparticles and Realflow C4D so I’m a bit reluctant to add a third simulation plugin to the mix, but Fume FX’s capabilities are undeniable. I may wait and see if the next iteration of XP fixes some of the issues holding back Explosia, but using the FUME FX demo is like having Explosia with my top 10 gripes already taken care of (plus a bunch of other capabilities).


I just noticed FumeFX 5.0.1 is now available. for download. It solves an issue I reported where the sim bounding box was interfering with reflections in the render. :+1:


Quick heads-up: FumeFX 5.0.2 is now available, which adds support for Redshift 3.0.17 and also X-Particles! Also supports Voronoi Fracture and implements various bug fixes.