Fume Fx Tornado


I created a tornado using pflow particles, and then tried to use them to create a fume fx tornado. Unfortunately once it hits 200 frames the tornado explodes outward even though the pflow particles don’t. How can i fix that? I want the fume particles to follow the pflow particles perfectly. thank you in advance.


This typically happens when your particles are moving too fast for Fume to calculate. It gets confused and then just exploded. You have to make sure that your pflow substeps match your Fume steps. Make sure you have your max iterations turned up too.

Also, it may help to turn down your CFL condition (which means that whatever this number is, it’s saying if a particle goes through x number of voxels on the frame, it will calculate the fame as many times as your Max. Simulation Steps number). For example, if you have your CFL condition set to 4, and your Max. Sim. Steps to 2, that means if I particle goes through more than 4 voxels on a frame, it will calculate it twice. That way you get more accuracy and less stepping. This of course means sim times will go up.

Like I said up top too, make sure that if you have your pflow substeps set to half frame, then max sim steps should be at 2, 1/3 frame - 3, 1/4 - 4…etc.

I hope that helps :slight_smile:


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