Fume Fx-Dry Ice



I was asked to make a dry ice fog in a full cg short. I tried simple source and Pflow. I increased smoke density and gave the temperature a - value, so that the fog sticks to the ground. I turned on fluid mapping and put in some turbulence. For external forces I put in a gravity and a wind. But the 2 major problems that remain are that the fog looks still too puffy even when I crank up my grid scale, and the other one is that it doesn`t behave like liquid at all.
Here an image of what I like to achieve : http://img.fotocommunity.com/Spezial/Werbe-und-Produkt-fotografie/Trockeneisnebel-a22170532.jpg

I searched the forum for dry ice or liquid fog but didn`t find anything to this subject. I am great full for any hints or thoughts.

Thank you for reading,


Here is 1-minute setup with very low grid - simple source and reverted gravity (add ffx gravity helper and point it up). No fuel, some turbulence and slow down it significally)


try decreaising smoke buoyancy to make it behave more “dense” and heavy instead of increasing the quantity of smoke


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