[Full-time] Rigger job in Japan


KIRARITO Inc. is hiring a skilled rigger to work with us at our main office in Tokyo.

We need someone able to create the skeleton, weights and rig for characters and prop models, as well as some plugin creation for maya.

・Build and maintain high quality, high-performance animation rigs.
・Work closely with Modelers and Animators to ensure a smooth working environment.
・Develop animation and modeling tools.

・Being able to relocate to Japan.
・Strong understanding of anatomy and kinematics
・Strong understanding of MEL/Python scripting
・Character/prop rigging experience
・Blend shapes creation experience
・Interest in developing rigging system
・Experienced in team work.
・Able to accept ideas and reviews.

Welcome experience/skills:
・Experience with special effects
・Knowledge of Unity/Unreal
・Capable of take part in modeling, texturing, animation and/or compositing process.
・Self-sufficient and independent.
・High communication skills.
・Passionate about games and full of enthusiasm to create original contents.
・Knowledge of Japanese language and culture.

If you are talented, highly motivated, passionate about character production and all the surrounding activities, please feel free to contact us and send your portfolio at julio.velasco@kirarito.co.jp.
We would love to hear from you!