Full render not the same as region



Running into some rendering problems…

using the region to sort out the lighting and final render settings on some files, but when they are finished their full render, they are coming out much brighter…using the toon ink lens & final gathering.

the top pic is a render region, the bottom one is the result of a full render with the same settings…

Cant seem to figure out whats going on…the images should be the same. I have changed all teh setting on the region, and copied them from the renderer but they still come out sompletely different…

Can anyone help?
Cheers, TBK


1)make sure that ALL the settings for ur render options are exactly the same as the render region option, if u r not sure, u can use the “copy options from region” button in the render options.

2)im not sure if u use any passes, but if u do, make sure u render the correct pass.


An amateur mistake! it turned out desturation was on. problem solved!


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