FS2004 - Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress


I created this model for the Microsoft Flight Simulator. The exterior is almost done. The model has 60.000 polygons. The count is caused by all possible (visible) moving parts like flaps, landing gear etc. The interior is also modeled. Just the pilots and the B-17 exterior is finished. I paused the model because I have not enough reference images for the virtual cockpit. I want to make that aicraft fully flyable from the cockpit. Currently I’m working on another aircraft.

The first image is a rendered scene with raytrace reflection und bumpmaps.

The following images show ingame graphics.

I could texture these liveries more weathered but all the 3 aircrafts are still flying and they are well-tended. Later I’m going to create some more warpaints.


Wow, I don’t know much about FS2004, but how can the engine handle models with 60.000 polys. Of course it looks great, especially the ingame-shots.

How much polys do the normal FS models have?


Got some reference photos of the B-17 interior, PM me if interested.


Great model! Is it supposed to be always like new, or you have also a dirty version? Looking forward for the interior.


"Wow, I don’t know much about FS2004, but how can the engine handle models with 60.000 polys. Of course it looks great, especially the ingame-shots.

How much polys do the normal FS models have?"
I’m guessing it can be alot more even. In flight simulator you dont have other enemy units or anything so it’s just 1 plane and a few blocks on the ground representing buildings


Great work mate, Although I think for 60k polies you could have subdivided the engines into the wings. The zig zagging of the intersecting polygons is the only thing letting it down right now. Perhaps you did this preserve the smoothness of the reflections on the wings?


Being a big fan of the B-17 I always like to look what people have done to represent it. I would love to see a wireframe, as I have to agree with everyone else that 60’000 polygons are a lot for a single model.

I was thinking of starting a World War 2 plane for my next project, do you have any links to importing models into FS 2004 or other real time flight sim games?

One other thing I would do, when taking screen shots try and turn on the anti-aliasing settings of your video card to smooth out the edges to produce a much nicer looking screen shot.


I don’t know. I woud guess the default models have around 5000-6000 Polys. This engine is really great because the CPU is calculating the biggest part. That means that you have almost the whole power of your graphic card for your aircrafts or scenery. I flew with someone together. 2 of these aircrafts with different liveries on one screen over a very detailed terrain. I just lost 2-3 frames. 120.000 triangels only for the aircrafts.

You are right. This part must be fixed.

Of course I want to create some more weathered versions with dirt and combat damages. But this could take a while.

You will need the SDK from [http://www.microsoft.com/games/flightsimulator/fs2004_downloads_sdk.asp.](http://www.microsoft.com/games/flightsimulator/fs2004_downloads_sdk.asp)

There you find all the tools and descriptions you need for creating or exporting stuff into the flightsimulator.
A good forum for help is http://www.simviation.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.cgi.

As for the anti aliasing. When opening the image click on it to view the full size :slight_smile: . I take all my screenshots with anti aliasing turned on.


This is awesome, can you post wires and textures? Possible to post another image viewing the bottom w/ ball turret?


sweet work matey, looks great :thumbsup:



Perhaps could have saved a few polygons, but excellent results in game.


absolutely beautiful!


Sure, I could save some polygons. but it doesn’t matter. 10.000 less polygons and you have the same framerates. Thats why I love that engine :slight_smile: .

Here are some more shots of details and animated parts.



This is the cockpit of the exteriormodel. You have two models. The exteriormodel and an interiormodel for a more detailed cockpit. When you look from outside into a room the room is always dark or black. This is one thing to make vehicles much mor realistic than a simple illuminated interior.

Opened bombbay and retracted landing gear. You can also open the doors, the cowl flaps and rotate the turrets.

Perfect landing in Alpnach with full rectracted flaps.


The most polyguzzling part. The engines.

And a comparison between new aircrafts and history


One Q: What are the simple planes on the propellers(in the wire screenshot) are good for?


You have three kinds of propellers in the flight simulator. The still propeller with modeled blades. A propeller for low rounds and one for high rounds. Because the last two are moving you only need a plane with a texture. The prop for slow rounds gets a texture with slight blurred blades and the prop for high rounds a texture with strong blurred blades.


Great stuff Orik. Nothing to comment really.

The FS9 (FS2004) engine has actually no limitations in regards of the polycount. It’s the MDL compiler that is limiting us to 65 to 70K poly models for the exterior and the same amount for the interior. Being a third party FS9 developer myself I try to keep my models clean of excess polgons. For the medium sized aircraft like the B-17 I strive for the 45K maximum on the exterior. 10K more or less is a difference of a few frames on the lower end computers like most of the FS9 users have. For the top 10% with a high end system it doesn’t matter…

Here’s an in-game shot of the DC-2 I’m working on. Textures are done by someone else, I take care of the modelling and animating mainly. The model is now around 35K poly. The gear adds another 3K.


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