Fruits, Blagoy Kostov (3D)


Title: Fruits
Name: Blagoy Kostov
Country: Bulgaria
Software: 3ds max, Digital Fusion, VRay

At the beginning i decided to make a bunch of grapes for fun…but finally the idea evolved so i made as much fruits as i can and decided to make all of the textures with procedural maps…
Made in 3dsmax :slight_smile: , rendered with Vray, color corrections and DOF - Fusion.

Bigger res.:



Wow,beautiful image,very realistic!
Congratz man!


Actually, I personally don’t like these still lives that much, but you did an outstanding job on the “materials”. The fruit shaders are top notch. Approaching it artistically though, I think you shoud have submitted the lineup of closeups for final image. (Again, just my personal taste)


10x guys. I didn’t know how to post other images in the 1st post so here are the closeups…(to avoid copy>paste of the link :slight_smile: )


Absolutely tasty… great, great work.


yeah very professional shader ! i like it vray much.

best regards exor


i have witnessed the work as it progressed and the final quality is absolutely great. keep up the good work mate !!


nice render man


The details are just crazy good here, that’s some amazing work!


Really nice work mate, I really like the render and also the textures :thumbsup:

Keep up


This is render is great, the quality of the shaders and textures are exceptionally realistic. If you dont mind me asking, what size of textures did you use? Keep up the good work!


10x guys :slight_smile:

Everything is procedural map :slight_smile:


Less people marked that “all of the textures made with procedural maps” This makes the work realy unique… Amazing work man!


Wow the fruits look so good. Good work.


Looks fantastic! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Great work. 5 stars.



Wow speechless, amazing work dude 5 stars from me.


My only crit on this one would be the lack of diversity in fruits of the same kind. Such as the grapes or the raspberries. They are too similar in color, tone, texture, etc… Usually when I see grapes some ar darker than others.


Wow …
Very good Modeling. Lighting, Shading and Redering .
All is beautiful.
Best wishes :wink:


Wow! Amazing work with procedural maps!