Fruit Bowl



Nicely done … significant improvement from your original version!

Are you casting shadows on your key light? If so, it seems like it could use some additional raytrace samples to help smooth out the shadow - such as edge of the shadow from the plate.




Which rendering (ex: Mental Ray, Arnold, etc.) technology do you prefer and is there a checklist of “things” to look for when choosing a rendering technology?



thank u kysg and thank u hgagne and i have increased the shadow samples of key light as you said and heres the final output…


wowww!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Thank U ngsmitha, hgagne, kysg for Ur valube time, critics and suggestions for making me to dis level.I know am not perfect but am trying.Thank you jeremy for your precious time and critics thank you.
Now only started kichen lighting soon ill upload my WIP.
Thanks for all…
Have a great lighting for all…


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