Fruit Bowl


[left]Hello i have done lighting for fruit bowl,plz suggest me how have done…



i thnk da textures are lil off…banana wont be that glossy n apple too…go to a fruit shop n luk at the real fruits ul get a better idea…work on bump maps…n with such crisp shadows light shud bt more bright or the shadows should soft with the light u hav done…brighter light wil give a good impact for it according to me… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Thank U ngsmitha for ur valuable comments,ill tweak as you said thanks


Rather than tweak. Look at photo reference. Not only that consider that there is more to it than slapping 3 lights on it and calling it done.



Hope the comments below help and that they don’t offend.

Observations on scene;

[ul]I like the placement of the scene. When I initially looked at the scene, I was attracted to the top-most banana, center of pear, and then the orange. If your intention was to guide the viewer towards the orange, it most certainly worked on me.[/ul]

Observations on lighting/shadows;

[ul]I find the strips across the scene a bit distracting - are they supposed to represent light through a window covering such as blinds?[/ul]
[ul]There seems to be light coming from the right side of the scene; it seems like the specular may be enabled on this light. Is it because the scene is supposed to be placed in the corner of a room with outside light coming from two window sources (ex: south wall & east wall)? If the scene is being illuminated in such a way, the light seems to be casting a cool color and the one facing the orange seems to be casting a warm color.[/ul]
[ul]It would be interesting to see how it would look if there were more light intensity (brighter) added to the scene. Maybe that would help soften the strips.[/ul]
[ul]It seems that there is some light between where the fruit touches the plate and where the shadow begins (banana, cherries, pear between cherries).[/ul]
[ul]There seems to be a dark contour line around the bottom of the orange where it faces the plate.[/ul]
[ul]The banana, plums, grape stack seem to blend into the background and it seems like there’s a dark contour line.[/ul]
[ul]The light strip where the cherries reside (in front of orange) seem to have a darker shadow where the plate curves upward.[/ul]
[ul]You may want to review the shadows for the cherries stems as the cherries near the pear seem to be missing shadows.[/ul]

Observations on textures;

Although the challenges are intended to explore light/shadows - at least that’s the assumption I’m working on - textures help accentuate the believability of a scene. I’m still relatively new to this so I most certainly appreciate how challenging it is to get textures looking believable. That said …

[ul]I like the orange, feels very believable overall.[/ul]
[ul]The cherries would look at bit more appealing with a touch more reflectivity. The stems look believable.[/ul]
[ul]I like the overall look of the pear, feels believable as well. The stem seems to be the same color and could likely use a bit of brown to it.[/ul]
[ul]The apple seems a bit “too” perfect and the shadow under the leaf should have a bit of translucency. The apple feels like it might be plastic.[/ul]
[ul]The bananas where a challenge for me as well; struggled quite a bit on them and when I was working on this lighting challenges - and still find I could improve on them. I like the overall look of yours; like the apple however, they feel like they might be plastic.[/ul]
[ul]The grapes where another challenge I encountered as well; it was my first exposure to sub-surface scattering (SSS) and again, I struggled quite a bit there as well. I find the grapes to be the area you may wish to experiment with most as they occupy a fair amount of the scene elements.[/ul]
[ul]The plums feel believable.[/ul]

As previous posters suggested, a trip to the local supermarket might be in order … just don’t get caught sampling too much. :slight_smile:



Thank u kysg fo ur valuable point and thank u hgagne for ur
Points those are very valuable and that comes out of deep observation of my
Lighting and am working on it.
Here’s another setup of lighting and I think its not bad


Assuming this is to be your new starting point, I would add the following to my points above:

Observations on scene;

[ul]Removing the strips and increasing the light intensity certainly helps bring out the fruit bowl. [/ul]
[ul]It seems like the bowl is floating over top of a backdrop. Perhaps a bit more “play” of light on the backdrop would help connect the bowl back to the backdrop?[/ul]
[ul]Some of the fruits look sharper than others making them feel a bit disconnected from each other; almost as if depth of field was applied.[/ul]

Observations on lighting/shadows;

[ul]If you’re looking for a little extra to learn, explore Ambient Occlusion as it may help enrich some of the shadows. Jeremy made some good points while reviewing my scene in the Old Challenges thread - have a look at his comments[/ul]
[ul]It seems like the light coming from the right side is more intense than it should be making it difficult for me to determine where the principal light source should be coming from.[/ul]
[ul]Is the light from the right side emitting specular? If so, would be interesting to see it without specular - i.e. diffuse only[/ul]
[ul]The dark contour line is most noticeable around the top of the plums, bottom of the orange, and top of grapes behind the pear stem. Perhaps exploring with a bit more backlighting might help?[/ul]

Observations on textures;

[ul]The overall look of the apple is much improved[/ul]
[ul]The cherries look a bit more believable[/ul]
[ul]Reducing the reflectivity on the bananas seems to have helped. They seem a bit disconnected from the other fruits however; not sure what to suggest - a bit more work on the texture or the lighting?[/ul]
[ul]The grapes will likely need some further experimentation with SSS settings[/ul]



It is off to a better start if you review the old 3drender gallery…you will see some things there.

The key is coming from the top left so (i’m assuming). You might need to change the direction to get more shaping out of your objects. If your key isn’t working you will have a hard time getting anything else to work.

I’m not going to get into SSS at this point but what you do need to do is understand is certain fruits have translucency. You will figure this out looking at reference.

I’m not going to go into ambient occlusion just yet because you need to get your lighting and shaders correct before you consider post work. Post work should really only assist your render, not just I’ll fix everything in post…but that is up to you.


Thank u once again kysg fo ur points i understand and looking the translucent fruits and thank u hgagne for ur points and i think i have connected the bowl with the backround.

Now have the lighting which is in progress and am working on the SSS material as well



The backdrop and bowl feel much more connected in this version

[ul]there seems to be a dark contour line (ex: plums, grapes, orange, apple leaf) occurring on some of the fruits[/ul]
[ul]there seems to be two different levels of shadow in some areas (ex: grapes in front of the bananas, banana on plate, cherries); almost as if two lights near each other are casting shadows in the same direction.[/ul]
[ul]You may want to review the shadows for the cherries stems as the cherries near the pear seem to be missing shadows.[/ul]



That’s off to a good start. Fix the black outlines that hgagne mentioned, those look like a compositing mistake to me.

The materials/textures are looking good overall. The grapes seem too bright and purple, study real grapes (or pictures of grapes you find on the web) and match their colors better. The ends of the bananas seem too black, look at the wood-like texture of the cut ends of a banana and work on that area. The pear stem needs its own texture, it shouldn’t just be the pear skin mapped onto the step. Most of the fruits and the plate itself need some reflectivity. The fruits should reflect each-other, and also you need to think about reflections from the rest of the room or reflections motivated by the light sources.

The occlusion seems a bit too heavy, it’s as if the scene goes all the way to black between the grapes. Occlusion should be multiplied with general fill and bounce light, but it shouldn’t black-out the key light or reflections or scattering.

Keep going with your project!



The compositing mistake looks like premult issue. Render your fruit on black and give them an alpha channel. Then you comp those back in, also if you do that, remember to lightwrap very subtly.


Hi jeremy thanks for your comments and am happy seeing your comments…
Yes hgagne I corrected the contour line and also corrected the shadow thank u…
No kysg the contour line is not bcos of multipying passes and its bcos of not having a evironment reflection and I used a sss vray mtrl and its reflection trace leads to this line thank u…
Now wrking on pear stem, banana and trying grape as jeremy said and also the reflections…


here i m trying to change things according to your comments


hi…it looks great now :slight_smile: :smiley: :smiley: m not an experienced lightin artist just a beginner but what little things i found in ur latest render is orange looks like its floating beacuse of no enough shadow under the orange…and body lang of cherries-they quite cant stand on their own like dat…make them rest on da other fruit or something…and the apple leaf is too green i guess…



Nice progress on the reflections and highlights.

I agree with ngsmitha that some shadows appear to be missing. If you have more than one light in the scene, you could consider rendering with just one light at a time and posting those test renders, such as just the key light, just the fill light, just a rim, etc. That way we could see which light(s) are missing their shadows.

Also, there’s a strange white outline around some of the fruits, especially the cherries and lower parts of the apple. Are you doing some unusual compositing to cause these edge artifacts?

Anyway, keep going! It’s great to see your progress.



Hi ngsmitha thanks for the comments, ya i fount that rim light doesnt cast shadow leads to this flatness,am correcting on it thanks…
Hi jeremy thank u,the outline on cherries and bottom of the apple-found that the trace reflections on vray sss mtl leads to this problem correcting on it,ill post the passes which am using with the output thank u…


here’s new output i think worked it…


these are the passes i used for last output…









Light Placement:

Final Out:


I see it looks better not a fan of vray but hey it works