fRStage-2 for Maya...still no C4D OSX?


I got an email this morning from Cebas rubbing yet more salt into the wound that is finalRender for C4D OSX version. It contains a beautiful picture of an icy room which is GI rendered and looks awesome. And it’s for Maya. Shame I can’t make any use of this great renderer. It’s been over a year now, as it was announced last Siggraph. Come on Cebas! Please let us know what the state of final render for osx is as it’s been months since we heard of any news whatsoever.




Over on the FR2 for Maya forums they say it is “coming soon”.

FR2 for Maya was announced at the Siggraph before last, and they delayed to get Maya 8 and 64 support in (the 64-bit version is in beta).

I think a lot of developers are having issues with Apple’s switch to Intel. I know e-on software is having trouble getting Vue xStream to work in Maya on the the PowerPC based macs- they hope to have less trouble with the intels. The latest version announced doesn’t even mention the mac.

One thing I do know from the FR2 forums is that FR2 is largely platform independant (3d package wise). If they get the mac version of FR2 for Maya coming soon, then the C4d version will be right behind, or vice versa.


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Yes, I have been on the Maya boards. But I still lurk in the C4d stomping grounds.


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