Frozen Frame, Guillermo Soria (3D)


Title: Frozen Frame
Name: Guillermo Soria
Country: Mexico
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

Work done in Collaboration with:

This was done mainly to push our skills further, and was done in our free time between projects.


This is a lovely piece of work! Nice composition, good use of your camera, wonderful colours and adorable characters. Great stuff, front page for you.


Great work! Deserved, congratulations!


nice piece of art


I love the concept from Salvador so much! and you did it in 3D version is super great!!! The color composition and the character looks amazing! :smiley: Congrats!


i love the overall artwork, and there is nothing like a cold tasty surprise on a warm day :slight_smile:


What Leigh said.
A wonderful work indeed.


Fantastic work !


Thats awesome.I love the lighting.


Wonderful piece. The feelings it gave me immediately were of memories of being young and in love. You can smell the change of seasons in the air. Great lighting and camera work.


I agree with all…this is a wonderful work


Amazing work. Grats!


His first post and he is front page already - what the?

Congrats sdpost - a charming piece of work indeed. Cant wait for your second post in this site.


Great work!!!

Hair is cool!!!


It´s one of those images you can dive in, forget about everything and enjoy the situation.
A moment out of time. This is what art is all about.

Wonderful, Guillermo.
I love it.



really cool! i love everything!


front page master! :bounce:


very beautiful work , i like it specially his eyes.


It looks perfect for me guys! Amazing work in all aspects!! :slight_smile:
All the best


congratulations Soria and Omar. Great work, honored to work with you guys! i hope in the future you give this quality in the studio’s projects :stuck_out_tongue: