Frosting over!


Wintertime has reached california…well, enough of a reason to use it as inspiration!

Using vectorpaint, fractal noise and the zborn-toy, of course! It takes about 3 to 5 seconds per frame on my 2Ghz Opteron.

If you see any flickering, that’s only the compression, the uncompressed render doesn’t flicker at all! :slight_smile:

Watch the quicktime “”(0.8mb)

Watch the quicktime “”(1.4mb)

By the way, the second clip uses pretty much every feature of the Zborn-Toy, including caustix, environmental illumination and translucency. It’s all been very easy to dial in, too.
If you like, I can add the after effects 7.0 projects for you here! I will most likely put them up on the dedicated zborntoy website first. Just go to my website and follow the link!

Keep yourself warm, though…it’s literally freezing out there! :argh:


Nice stuff taron! Great to see practical examples of your kickass tool, and thanks especially for the presets.


Thanx, i guess.

It’s tough to make presets for the filter, because many things really depend on the footage you use. A lot of the power of it comes also through the texturing aspect of it. The use of layers to control the parameters leads to the most desirable effects and you just can’t put that into presets. It’s almost as if you were asking for presets of entire scenes or projects. This is also why I rather provide projects that you can either use or use as inspiration as opposed to a set of presets.

However, the existing presets are mostly for color correction or effect treatments and are neat, but more on the curious side.

Thanx, anyway for the first reaction. I’m glad to see any thought! :thumbsup:


Well yes, presets was probably the wrong word. :slight_smile:

More so I meant thanks for offering the project file to show how you did it.


AH! Now I understand, I thought you were being a little sarcastic there, hehehe!

Here they are:
Before that you’d want to get the filter first, of course at Zborn - supremacy ( LOL - just kidding with the name!)

[Frost02.aep (AE7.0 project)


[Frost03.aep (AE7.0 project)



This is too damn cool. I think I really could feel that icy sparklings! Can’t wait to continue playing with the plugin, it’s amazing. And you can make every effect that you have in mind in a short time. I am making my reel transitions with it and I can’t wait to finish it! I got in love with Zborntoy! Outstanding work Taron, thumbs up.



I’d never be sarcastic with you Taron, I have too much respect for your work! :love:

Thanks again.


Would love to see that continue and have the ice crack. Great stuff Taron.



The idea that this plugin might be used to make clouds or steam effects has crossed my mind quite a few times. Something in these images lean a bit in that direction. Have you tried making big thunderhead clouds and rolling steam with this? I’m thinking along the lines of voluminous clouds that could be composited into a landscape, or masses of steam billowing from a steam locomotive.

I really like the looks of this plug in. I commented on it awhile back after experimenting a bit with the demo. I won’t have a chance to really dig in until work related projects are done. The more I see of it, the more I really like it.

I’d love to see more examples!

Best regards,
Bill C.


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