Frostblade's stuff for c&c


On the first post i will edit it every now and then to include the final images that I’ve finished or updates.

I'm here for a bit of opinion and perhaps helpful advice.
I want to know if I'm heading the right way and so on.

Reference is my eye from the mirror's view.  
Done in PhotoShop CS2.

Reference used for hairstyle only, the face was free hand. If you check the wip images there are no signs of tracing, just blocking in colour and tweeking texture.

Reference from magazine (no scanner, not traced, no colour picking) This was done to learn how to blend colours I randomly pick from the sliders and applying it with texture to experiment results.

Here is an exercise I do every few months to improve free hand eye drawing.

Please feel free to comment :)

PS. You don’t have to have better drawings to critic, I don’t believe in that crap about having to be better than someone to critic something. Everyone has eyes, a brain and skills to observe and form an opinion that might help me or someone else that reads this thread.

thanks for visiting :slight_smile:


I like your eye! :slight_smile: nice proportions, delicate enough allright. You’ll do great I bet. :smiley:

:thumbsup: definitely your thing. :slight_smile:


no practice for two years? Wow :surprised
I find it absolutely awesome, proportions are right and the colours are great.
Please continue and show us your work :arteest: :slight_smile:


Wow, that is a beautiful eye. Lovely shading, great shapes. Just gorgeous.

And it’s ok to have more than one hobby. :smiley:

I can’t believe this is your first drawing in two years, that’s amazing.


wow. i wish i could paint eyes like that. :cry:


Just a sketch gone wrong lol

Just thought I’ll post something.
I used ref for the girl but it doesn’t look like her :frowning:
Anyone got arm pit ref? lol


Wow, very beautiful stuff. You got a ghurreat sense for easthetics!!! I’m going to tag along see if I can’t help you out. :thumbsup:

I found a ref, I remembered it from scouring the web, it matches your pose somewhat. You might notice the creases being in odd places. The skin slides over the muscles and sometimes tension builds not at the specific joint itself but near it, and creases form there and stay there as the skin slides. Sorta heheh… yaddah yaddah…

Will be watching… :wavey:


and I’ll be watching you hehe…


just posting close up to show you there is a bit of texture in the shading.

Changed the background a bit…I don’t know how to make the grass and sky meet properly lol… maybe I’ll get rid of it.

I know the hair looks worse but still building on it. It’s meant to be really texture messy but I think it’s a bit hard so it might be more sleek and smooth later.


25% of working size

I think I made some parts worse like the neck :frowning:
In progress of painting the hair.

Most of the colour changes were made coz it looked a bit flat but I kinda still like the old one :frowning:


Beautiful face. Coming along quite well. A couple of suggestions:

  • Desaturate the green background (not quite sure about this one, but at the moment the colors seem to clash)

  • if you could have some side lighting it would look more contrasting and not make the illumination so dull

  • your framing gives too much emphasis to the upper part; I think you could crop a bit from above and to center the face on the canvas.

Keep it up…

(thanks for your comment on my thread)


I think he’s got some good points! :slight_smile: But I personally like the backlit rendering. It seems to me though that you have now some dark parts on her cheeks that are detracting frm the volume a bit, I think there should be a more light part running fro the cheek bones to the the area of the mouth, if youget my point, I double checked on some ref pics to be sure as well :).

You could always go somewhat darker on the edges and darken the background more and increase it’s contrast slightly, that might help bring out her form, just as in adding a side lighting effect.

Really love how you’r doing hr hair. :thumbsup:

edit: Oh it seems you left the volume on her chest to flatten a bit and the shoulder away from us should maybe be a bit more round? Might be pref but thought I’d mention. :slight_smile:


Cropped it, slightly desaturated, did the hair, redefined a few tiny details, tried to fix the arm and chest.

thanks for looking and posting helpful comments :slight_smile:


Looking good frostblade! I really like the colors and her face. One small crit, I think, because she appears to be tilting her head down slightly (at least to me) the area under her cheekbones should be shaded a little more. Right now it looks a little like her jawbone and area above jut out a little more than natural. But other than that, this is really awesome, I really love her hair. Her eyes are gorgeous, and you did a great job on the skintone. Great work!


I like this crop… no more annoying chest and arms lol


I think you overdid the brightness around her eyes a bit there. Probably adding some subtle shading in the eyesocket area will help. Nice crop indeed. Excellent work! :thumbsup:


Wow, Frost, this is beautiful, and fun to watch the evolution! This eerily looks like my cousin o.O…

I like how you made the grass darker - and I don’t mind the brightness around her eyes - a lot of girls do their makeup like that, that’s all it looks like to me, some makeup application :slight_smile:


I changed more bits here and there.
posting other stuff with close up.

look better or worse? it’s getting to the stage where it can look worse lol.

edit: excuse the huge image… I can’t really tell with 24 in wide screen sometimes.


Odd thing is up close it seems fine, but in the normal framing she’s a bit off. I guess that’s a lighting inconsistency. I’d wanna try a paintover on her eyes if you wouldn’t object, just to test what it actually is?
I Think adding shadow on the upper eyelids would solve it, not entirely sure.


I think I’m at the point where I’m sick of this face…and my brain has gone dead on it… can’t improve it anymore feeling…I think it’s looking worse and worse as I try to paint more stuff on it lol.

Her features are far from what I intended now… nothing like the ref now. The very first version I posted looks more like the ref than now lol. Also I don’t know why I’m painting it anymore… I just wanted a hair exercise with yellow, green, red colour scheme hehe.

Next picture will be different :slight_smile: