Frost Giant, Jed (3D)



Some of you might remember that character I had started sometime last summer. It was modeled after a painting from Paul Bonner. The WIP thread from back then seems to have fallen into the oblivion of a server crash. Rats !
Anyways, here’s the final piece. It was started in Max4 and finished in 5, rendered in Brazil. Nothing too special about modeling and lighting, but for those interested there are a few WIP pics along with wireframes and concept design on my website here.
I also made a shameless self-promoting wallpaper that you can get here .
Hope you all like it.


AWSOME! no crits here!!! well maybe two… The skulls really stick out because they look like they are lit differently. Plus it would be nice to maybe see a light snow fall over the top of it all. But awsome stuff

Waiting for the front page plug…


It’s about time you reposted it :stuck_out_tongue: I see you did a snazzy new composition. Really dig it. [plugged] :wink:



That was fast…


nice one,:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


IM IN LOVE! :love:


fantastic work! im lovin the whole thing


:surprised Amazing !!!
I saw on your site that you work at blur studios, can you tell us how it is there ? :slight_smile:


my desktop is screaming for a bigger pix! 1600 please?

Blooody nice piece u have going dude!:beer: :beer:


How did you go about making the veins in the arms?! please tell!! :smiley:


Absolutely Superb :beer:

I remember seeing this WIP last year…the untextured version was impressive enough, but this is just awesome.

Great attention to detail in the skin, the veins in his biceps, those cloth "bracers’ on his forearms…

Where’s the steam coming from tho? Him?

Always thought a frost giant would sorta have a low body temp to match his surroundings :smiley:


yeah love those muscles+veins awsome work can u post some wireframes? :buttrock:


sweet right click save as
added to my collection of your previous wips

i really like his skin:thumbsup:

the only thing is the back lighting on the skulls, looks a little odd to me, but other than that, perfect




:bounce: This is definitely AMAZING…I would love to see him with a different darker and more contrast lighting also…:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


AMAZING :eek: :buttrock:
everything is nicely done :thumbsup:


o! so nice work! I like the picture :thumbsup:


Nice! Could you pretty-please make a wallpaper that’s 1600x1200?

Very inspiring!:bounce:


Where the hell do you get off sayn there is nothing special about the modelling.

I would give my right teste to model like that now.

Fantastic dude, i loved your wip when it was up and was very exited when i saw you pluged.



This still stays my favorite model of all time (here on

fantastic work buddy!:bounce:


excellent work!:eek: and thanks for the wallpaper, ive been looking for a quality picture that will fit in my resolution :wink: