From the makers of Sharknado, its Ghost Shark!


SyFy network follows up its Sharknado phenomenon with Ghost Shark on August 22 -


My Granda was watching Sharknado on TV a few nights ago. He has a fairly high tolerance for watching rubbish, but for the first time in my life I seen him switch the film off after about 30 minutes. That summed it up for me.


I want Space Sharks & Zombie Sharks


Smurf Shark FTW!


Since we’re talking about ghosts, zombies, space, and smurfs, how about a pirate shark!

A Somalian pirate gets thrown overboard for disobedience and is eaten by a shark. His soul takes over the shark body, and he comes back with a vengeance.


Lol, sounds as plausible as the rest these days.

Rob Powers asked the Asylum vfx guys at Siggraph what they wanted to do next and one of them said Sharkcano.


They could get Uwe Boll to direct it :slight_smile:


I’m waiting for “Shurkey”!

A genetic experiment gone horribly wrong when shark DNA is injected into a turkey egg hatches the SHURKEY, half shark, half turkey!

SHURKEY will GOBBLE YOU DOWN! :stuck_out_tongue:


It looks like they’re ripping off Ghost Shark 2 (there was no Ghost Shark 1), which is slated to come out soon as well. It’s been in production for at least a year or two.


There wasn’t a ghost or a shark in that entire trailer. What’s the point?


I thought that many of the shots looked like they had somehow managed to acquire one of the original mechanical Bruce’s from Jaws or at least scanned the fiberglass carcase that is at the U-Pick Parts lot.

I am shocked that they went to use a replica of Bruce from Jaws, I would have thought that Universal and Joe Alves would have great issue with that.


You might be onto something!
Lets do lunch.


I woudn’t be surprised to see a game version of this. “Angry Sharks” or something similar.


Yes i agree with you.


Well…that happened… Sharknado was definitely better. I guess the makers just didn’t have enough “spirit” for this one…


how about Sharkeinstein, a shark figures a way to go back into time, hunts down Peter Benchly and gobbles him up before he writes Jaws, thus ending shark week and shark movies before they become fashionable.


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