From Silo to UE4


Hi, I’ve tried to export ( FBX ) from Silo to UE4 and it works ok’ish :)*.

What I learned:

Make you model 1/1 so 1 Unit = 1 Meter- you can select Meters in the settings

After that place the pivot where you want.

Then in the Edit/Options -> File Format Settings -> set the export scale factor to 100 in FBX/DAE Options and deselect Convert to Y Up

And import the fbx in UE - It works ( kinda )

The problem what I encountered is that when Assigning Materials to faces, when exporting to UE4, it will only get 1 Material.

EX :
Get a Cube - Place 1 Material on a face then another material to other faces .
Export the Cube as FBX
Import in UE4
When you open the object in UE4 there is only 1 material assigned to the object.

Fixing this will make exporting to UE4 viable for static meshes :)*!


Thanks for sharing your experience! Its really valuable, since game engines can be a little quirky when importing models.

I personally couldn’t get FBX to work in Unity, but honestly i haven’t tried any more, since i’m used to export/import OBJ to Unity. Different materials for one object works as long as i import materials (on import in unity you can set not to import silo’s materials and recreate them in the engine, but it wont work on selected faces, only whole meshes). In UE4 i made the mistake of setting the scale factor of exported OBJ to 100 and all worked perfectly until i had to reopen the OBJ (not the SIB) into silo again for tweaks… and i didn’t realize that each time i exported, the model got 100 times bigger :D*I’ll look into testing the FBX again in Unity and UE4



“Version 2.5 … and works hand-in-hand with industry standards like …, and game engines like Unity and Unreal.”
i can’t agree that statement.
i have the same problem with fbx import into unreal engine (today current is 4.18) (silo 2.5.04).
i just want have a 3d object with sub hirachie objects and different materials/textures in unreal also as one object with skeleton and multiple materials that i used in silo.
in other words 1:1
most of the 3d objects i create have movable parts and a object hirachie.
car,wind mill,frame and door,robot,human,toys,maschines,…

a house with items
here is it useful if we can select which object group inside a hirachie get exported as single fbx file.

ever so often i will have one scene with multiple objects but in unreal engine i need some as stand alone.