Frog's invasion, Eduardo Mosena (3D)


Title: Frog’s invasion
Name: Eduardo Mosena
Country: Brazil
Software: 3ds max, VRay, ZBrush

Hello guys!!!
This is the image that i produced for the the challenge “Strange Behavior”. This was my first challenge and ive had a lot of fun doing this image, ive tried to make the frogs in a little diferent style doing a very colorful and live image.
In the history the frog family invaded an aquarium and they are doing a barbecue with the fish…hehe, af course the hate flyes…
I hope all of you like my image and do some comments i would love to hear it.


thats insane , i used to have frog but mine never did that
great work


i think this image is very fun haha… i love the bbq fish :applause:


im realy glad you like it!!!thanks endlss and methodz.


nice job!!!


Greetings and thx for your nice comments :slight_smile:
Actually I missed your final entry, gratz.
I think it looks great and I like the angry one to the left, reminds me of a Murloc from World of Warcraft hehe.
Good luck now!



The color is very beautiful.:slight_smile: five stars.


Thanks Dongminxiao,creieru amd coolkonrad…hey hahah it realy reminds a little of the murlocs im realy happy that all of you like it!!!

tnks for the comments!


Hi, strange that I didn’t saw your Entry on the Challenge :wink:
Very Interesting mix of Photorealism and Toyish-Impression :slight_smile:


Wow , really nice job! i loved the frogs they are funny , the texturing is really nice =D
Keep the excellent work.


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