Frogs, Igor Kudryavtsev (3D)


Title: Frogs
Name: Igor Kudryavtsev
Country: Russia
Software: Maya, mental ray

What a funny creature lives in one of my favorite places in Moscow… I could not resist and took a shot :wink:


Xaxaxa:) lot of fun
Great work very " live " :thumbsup:


yes I like it :applause::applause::applause:
very funny, the tooth and the cigarette. A lot of stars for u ^^
More funny images !!!:bounce:


Hey, it’s soooo funny !
There might be a little too much grain, and the highlights on the frog’s skin are too bright IMHO, but it’s a very sweet picture. Well worth 4 stars for me.
BTW, this frog looks like a good friend of mine :wink:


Couldn’t you have posted a couple of failures before this one? First post. Where have you been? Stunning.



Amazing! I love textures…


Really nice compo man!
:thumbsup: Could you explain what rendering you’ ve used , HDRI and spotlight ??? or just HDRI?
That’s really good job mister :applause: …

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looking cool


realy nice
i ve been folowing ur work from the raph
it is fantastic
nothing to crit
can we have a wire one?
tanx & bye


very interesting and very nice . I like it so much .


SWEEEEEEEEEEEET…thats just genius thats one great image

no crits from me


LOL :slight_smile: excellent stuff ! !:thumbsup:


Hahhah, this is great!


Great idea !! :slight_smile: very funny.


very pro, very good good works:thumbsup: :thumbsup:
the lighting is perfect


Amazing work ! Beautifull lights and great textues :buttrock:


superb :applause:


Great idea, superb image. :thumbsup:


Really fun image and incredible render. Good work


Absolutely brilliant!! :applause:

5 stars.