Frightened Reaction: could use some help


I worked on this in my free time for the animation mini challenge. I could use some suggestions on improvement. Click HERE

Thank You,


I like your poses and the movement on the legs. To make the movement a little more “alive”, I would and some follow through on his head and arm movements. Take a few frames to exaggerate the movement a little further than you want it and then bring it back to it’s final position. Also, there is a moment towards the middle where he takes a breath, and it seems like all the movement stops except for the breath. Adding a little overlapping motion there would help bring it to life a bit more (especially since he’s supposed to be relaxed and loose at that point).

Good work!


Freebirth - Thanks for the advice I will try them all out. I agree with you, everything did seem to die except for the breath. I am sure I could find some kind of overlap in his pose there.


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