Frightened Knight, Laverdet (3D)


Title: Frightened Knight
Name: Laverdet
Country: France
Software: Zbrush2

hello!.. modelled in rhino and zbrush 2, and rendered in zbrush2… I was interested by the obvious deplacement of the composition, wich is at the frontier of composition’s mistake, and, (I think) works anyway… it’s always fun to play with aesthtic concepts, such as dynamic symmetry, and lettering-like composition, to “disturb” these concepts and goe on something different:! I hope I am understandable, because I speak a so poor english, and loose my dictionary!.. so I try to talk with a little dozen of words, which is contracting the sense, I’m afraid! maybe there is french on this site, and it can be in different langage?..


Don’t worry ,
i understood what you meant !
And it looks awesome ! On this site there are so many people who are VERY good , that’s why i can’t give much critique , because i am NOT that good YET …


simply awsome. only crit would be that the specular on the metal is a bit high. other than that it’s perfect. can we see a wireframe?


Yeah , awesome work but i think the metal and chains are not so real like the guy…

4 stars from me:bounce:


wow, love the face… one of the most realistic i’ve seen. But yeah, the chains mainly could look more real… four stars, for sure though…


thank you for your comments!.. and yes, there is a trade off, around the render engine of zbrush: it allows an incredible level of precision and detail,which is perfect for pôrtrait, but don’t allow hdri or environnement mapwhich is bad for metal… here, it’s a pure zbruish render… more and mopre, on that sort of picture, I use to render once in zbrush, and once in carrara, where hdri is very fine rendered; then “mix” in phototshop; a little bory, but by the “direct application” of the color allopwed by zbrush, you can really achieve a unique photorealism…I join the “white” step, before coloring, in zbrush… it’s not wireframe, but you can have an idea of the modelling… I’ll find the 3d tools for wireframe…


Very realistic face… but probably too realistic for the rest of the render. I think you should cut down the specular lighting on the armor and improve the DOF. Maybe darken the background some too.

Also, the angle of the knight’s head bugs me. It looks like his forehead is tiny or has been cut off. Maybe you should try angling it foward or something.


i still can bliev the face is not a photo. even in zbrush. The fact that its a zbrush render shows though on the metal but the face is perfect. I would sugest more focus on the face maybe some radial blur (aslo sugests fear) and have the camera allitle tighter on his face. The problem is that there is specular in zbrush bit no reflection which would be a must for realistic metal.

i still cant get over that face. The face is so good and… I just still cant get over it. its too good. wow the skin around the eyes just has that limpness and the color. How was the hair achieved. Great work.


very realistic face. Did you use a reference.


I agree with others - very realistic face, not very realistic armour. But don’t get me wrong - I like it a lot.


Geesh! That head is so real it looks out of place. Maybe some lighting attention would help convince me that the head and the armor are part of the same image. A rim-light definitely could help-- so you’d get nice bright highlights on his left side.


wonderful face!!!
I think the face is super much better than the armour~
good job.


that face is so realistic-one of the best I’ve seen…just can’t understand why the armour
doesn’t quite match the realism in the render, but then I have no idea how Z-Brush works.
fantastic job otherwise


the face looks superb. only thing is the metal tho. otherwise fantastic.


effectively, you make me the envy (? not sure of the world) to re- render it in a different manner… once again: the way you apply the color on the geometry, in zbrush 2, allows a so precise position, and so “saturated”, that render portraits, or organic pieces, is perfect… but on metal, you have, more or less, what you have in other softs if you desabbled Hdri, or environnement map… it’s why I 've choosen in that picture a black painted armour, in the 16eme century style, which didn’t reflected too much…it’s always the same trade off with the render options of zbrush, which are the best on some “things” like mainly organic, and far less appropriate for metal, ar anything with reflection, transparence or refraction!..


Fantastic, artistic…man i love this one. Look at his face …he is so …Bravo!!!


could you post a mesh of the face in the exact same position? ive never seen a human face in 3d actually carrying emotion like that… would be nice to see that its “real”. no offense :slight_smile:


The face appears to be a photograph, but it still makes for a pretty nice image…


Wonderful work Marcel. The Rockwellian quality of your images is always a pleasure to behold.
You are my No.1 source of inspiration these days :slight_smile:

For critique - as pointed out - try another compositing with a reworked armor.



Fantastic work Marcel !!! :thumbsup:

Le rendu est vraiment excellent ! Chapo bas msieur :slight_smile:
Excellente continuation !