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I entered my standard low-res version as final, a ninja stopped by to point out my error. I get that “About to create submission” page as well, I thought maybe I couldn’t upload more than once, but if others are getting it then maybe something is doinked. I’ll just keep checking back, retrying. I did send this question to Baliistic as well. I’m sure they’re slammed.


got the same problem britterbot
when i click on submit this entry nothing happens


not sure if this helps, but, when i uploaded my final image i also got some error, it would upload image and then a white page with some text. i dont remember what exactly was writen but it well could be “about to create submission”. And then i realised i am uploading .tiff , and it seems we are sopose to upload .jpg


Thanks Maantas- I tried with a jpg and that worked. :buttrock:


guys just make sure that the file you’re trying to upload has no SPACE in its name
good luck to all


In my case it is not a name issue. could be codec issue, movie size issue, length issue. Who knows. Luckily the movie was uploaded here, but making of is going on Vimeo…


Arrggh!!!:argh: :scream:
I’ve just read the mail Keenly is talking about and I’ve been trying to upload my final image, but there’s seems to be a mayor traffic jam with the uploading system. I can’t get beyond the “pick a file” window…


Entries are closed!

good luck everyone.

for anyone who had trouble uploading by the deadline (and we haven’t contacted you already). please send an email to ‘info at’ with your username and details of the problem you encountered, and i will contact you back shortly on what to do next.


hi , when the results will announced ?? thx…


Is it allowed to post the final image in Cgtalk in the Members Showscase ?




in the last challenges the good people from cgsociety didn’t had any problems with that :slight_smile:


i too am keen to know when results might be posted…im soooo impatient :slight_smile:
all the best to all the entrants


Unfortunetly i didnt get to finish this challenge but i am anxious to see the winning entries.This was an exellent challenge idea to allow artist complete creativity and interpitation.
Can’t wait until the next challenge!


I didn’t get to finish my entry in time, but I have been interested in the entries and some of the art is fantastic. This competition closed March 3rd didn’t it? Have the results been posted yet?


^Judging generally takes well over a month. However the timeline for judging has been given an extension until May 5th.


Hey guys, just out of curiosity is decision postponed ?
I understood that winners will be announced today, on may 5th, and actually here where i live it’s already may 6th :slight_smile:


Interesting problem- no matter what it sounds like it’s been delayed on your side of the planet.
It’s nearing the end of the day here as well, haven’t heard anything. I gotta assume they’re going to update us shortly.


Stay tuned everyone, takes a while to get the announcements ready,
(might be more like early Friday morning for America).

We like to keep you in suspense don’t we?


When is the next challenge going to be? I haven’t been active on the site for a couple years and I would like to participate in something, but the artistic and figurative forums where Kimmel used to hang out, the daily sketch groups, etc. now appear to be long dead and I don’t know what to do.


Junpei you are in luck, the NVART challenge is going on as I type: