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I do not understand why my job has disappeared from general view.
Perhaps I had failed to comply with certain rules of competition?
Mli there another reason?
Thank you.[/left]


Because the forum only display posts from the last month. As your final post was on the 20th of January, this month has passed and it has dropped off from the view. You can change how many months are displayed at the bottom of the forum.


Ya saw.
Thank you.


HI all :),

Can I ask when was the deadline for the entry submissions? Initially, I thought we had from 10th Nov to 19th Jan to submit entries (for images)… that was before I realised entries were already closed. Was 10th Nov the last day to submit?



Dude, this challenge was from last year.


So to late then?


The challenge had a deadline set to some time last year. The winners have been anounced and the challenge had a follow-up challenge that ended and had its winners announced as well. So I guess its too late now, yes!

It’s never too late to pick up a challenge topic, create something on your own and post it in the forums and hope for it to get plugged. It just won’t count for a closed challenge.


DOH! Sorry I misread the date. Thanks for the quick replies. :slight_smile: