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Ahhh I see :frowning:

Maybe you could lower all your settings and just render out a temp version to make the deadline? You know like…do a scanline render, turn off all GI and raytracing etc. Would really hate to see all the work you put into your short wasted now! (well, it wouldn’t be a waste…but it would be a shame to miss the deadline. Even if the rendering were sub-par, we could still appreciate the hard work you put into the animation and story.



I made mistake, when I uploaded my final movie.
may I upload it once again?

please answer my question as quick as possible, it’s urgent.


Not sure if I catch the last line correctly. I don’t know if people would appreciate that kind of tone. Let’s just assume something got lost in translation.

It surely is urgent. It’s last minute and of course it’s urgent. However may I suggest you that perhaps next time you should avoid last minute rush? I’m sure there’s a lot of work to deal with for a video entry. But that should not stop you thinking about workload and time management. Finish your work 3 days before deadline and start uploading can avoid a lot of pressure.

anyway, i assume you can upload it again. because for image entries, you can.


Yes you may


I’m sorry, I don’t speak English very well.
I didn’t mean to offend you.
thanks for help.


I can understand the irritation. I hope i don’t get into trouble cause i haven’t even finished the video editing :bounce:
Talking about a close call.
But in the end, i hope you understand that doing video as an individual isn’t the position to finish the challenge a month or even a week early.
I do have to admit, i would feel very sad if i missed the call because of problems, but i’ll accept that. And i agree some people don’t find it fair. But there is a deadline for a reason and please don’t expect everybody to be finished much earlier.
And this guy had to read the forum more oftenly :twisted:


oh no problem at all. English is not my first language either. I fully understand. I didn’t take this personally. I just hope no one else did. Anyway. good luck with your upload. best wishes.


Yah man. i totally understand. I think “finish” 2-3 days ahead is kinda possible. let’s just put it this way. like for instance, if the deadline is today, and you know it from the beginning. Instead of telling yourself it finishes today, you tell yourself it finishes last Friday. Then you will surely finish it last Friday and take your time to upload whatever you have to upload and give yourself some space and time to encounter the technical problems.

oh btw, your steampunk starwars entry rocks!


True, and some exceptional cases - like me - it’s all because of trouble and illnesses. So finishing this even in the last hour is my way to bite hard and go for it. It’s the only way you’ll get somewhere.
Cheers and relax :applause:


Yah someone in image entry got sick too. I’m glad he also made it.


oh by the way, i made it 3 hours 15 minutes before deadline :wink:

and not a single problem with uploading. I’m on mac but uploaded out of a windows via vmware. Works just fine.


gratz mate. i wish you good luck!


Good to hear :slight_smile:


Hey, my entry is up and everything is good (so this isn’t a question about what the due date is). However, I just noticed though that the steampunk banner on the top of the player.php page has the wrong dates on it (Oct. 22 - Mar. 3). It doesn’t really matter; just thought I’d point it out in case you wanted to change it :slight_smile:


Right you are. It seems the preliminary dates made it into the early graphics and they never got updated.

No matter - bit late now :wink:


Hi, I have a question: The results of the Challenge will be show at the same time image and video or at different dates,like previwest challenge?



Does anyone know when the results of the Steampunk Challenge might be announced?


The winners will be announced when the judging is complete. We got 300 image entries and 50-something video entries. Its going to take some time.


sorry khendar for taking your time. just out of curious, will the result of image and video be announced at the same time for this challenge? or separate like what we did before?


There’s some discussion about that going on in the office. I’m not sure what the decision was, but I guess we’ll all find out sometime in the next couple of weeks. :wink: