Frequently Asked Questions


Strictly speaking, it is mandatory, I don’t know anything about “no voice”, and would personally not disqualify you for giving us MORE than we asked for. I think when it says “no voice” it really means we don’t require it.

However, if someone submits a killer video, without all the bits, we’re usually pretty lenient, it’ll just be docked points if we come to “i wonder how they did that” and get no answer.

If you want maximum chance of winning something, do the making of, the idea of the challenges is to learn, and help others learn, I do the nominations for sub-categories, and use the making of threads and videos to get some insight into how you went about things.


Actually, we ended up with over 300 finished image entires this time - and amazing result really :slight_smile:


We’d prefer you have permission to use the music, and credit it appropriately, although I believe that in certain regions, you’re allowed to use music without permission for non-commercial purposes.


As soon as I can :slight_smile: Like you this is the first time I’ve run a challenge, so I’m still a little unsure of how long everything can take :smiley:


Thank’s for the answer about the video size salmonmoose !
now it’s time to finish it quick !:smiley:



There is one nice exception to copyright, and this in the use of copyrighted material for use in sarcastic or ironical use. It still remains a discussion towards what a person can do with something it bought.
Imagine the writers suing people for wiping their asses with copyrighted pages of literature because they declared you can only read something you payed money for.
So there is also a difference between the use of material in a commercial of non-commercial piece of work.
To make it even more messed up, i could declare me an artist and my video a piece of art. Different rulez to the game!

I can imagine you stressing out answering these questions :beer:


Oh no!

I’m having problems with the CGChallengeUploader…it gets to 100% and then stops :frowning:

No error, no nothing. I’ve tried it twice and left it for a good 10 minutes when it gets to 100%, but still nothing.

Anyone else have this problem? I don’t have a firewall or anything that could be blocking it…


i thought i read a post of someone having the same issue. And i think it’s because of the firewall or something. It’s 1 or 2 pages back!!


This isn’t the first time you’ve tried running the uploader is it ? We usually recommend that people try to work this stuff out ahead of time so there isn’t a big rush at the end.

When it reaches 100%, leave it for a bit longer. Don’t close it right away because it still has stuff to process.


Okay, have to read your thread a bit more carefull. I only got a solution for the firewall issue.
It may seem stupid, but remember windows have a standart firewall as well: “windows security center” from control panel.


look into the brighter side ivanisavich, you still have a day and 8 hours left to submit. Relax and focus. I’m sure you can make it. Take it easy. I will pay for your massage and coffee.



No, I used the uploader in the last challenge quite often, so I didn’t imagine there being problems this time. Also, the issue doesn’t appear to be on my side. In my last attempt I left the challenge uploader up for 6 hours…still nothing.

As mentioned before, I have no firewalls or anything. I’m trying again right now though…maybe I need to upgrade my java version? I’ll check that next…


How did you go getting the uploader to work on another machine ? Are you able to get your piece uploaded properly ?


Please, I am asking for one extra day. I found ugly bug and need to prerender 1/3 of my film. I just need 24 more hours. Is there any way?


No. The deadline is solid, and will only be shifted if something happens at our end that affects everyone. I’d upload what you’ve got, we might not even notice.


There’s still 26 hours left in the contest mate :slight_smile:


I am down dude… totally down… cant make it with that bug. Stupid noises and randoms!!!


Java version shouldn’t matter - if it isn’t going to work, java will tell you about it.

There is a version back-compiled for Macs as they can’t seem to use the latest Java - you can try that.

If you have troubles, break your video into 3 parts (final, making of, trailer) and upload them in THAT ORDER. This will show the trailer to judges for the first rount of judging.


Juraj: what kind of bug is it? Maybe if you’re more specific we can help you out.

You mentioned strange noises…is it something to do with the audio compression causing distortion in your audio track? I had a problem in my short last night, where the uncompressed audio sounded great, but the compression version in the .flv was very distorted in some places. Turns out that one of my sound effects being used was of a high frequency (it was the sound of metal scraping), and the compression (which re-sampled the audio track) wasn’t able to interpret it properly, so instead of a high-pitched “shhhhing” sound, it was garbled and distorted. Just switching those sounds in my audio comp with ones of a lower frequency fixed the probblem.

Salmon: I got it working mate :slight_smile: Well, not on this machine…but I logged onto another box and have been able to upload from there.


Thanks for your care Tyson. It is animation unfortunately. Some noise operators left their values on the position what should stay 0… With that value my meshes are diving to each other where they should just touch. Big bad is, it wasnt on the preview it just popped out closely before rendering somehow… Well, this Bathory girl… she doesn´t want to leave my machine I guess