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Does anyone know what we are and are not allowed to do with these images before the judging is over? That is, could I post a copy of my piece on my website or my deviantART page, or would that be against the contest rules?



Thanks. I did read that… but I was still a bit unsure. Does “follow” mean submit afterwards or follow as in put everything into one video file??? I am just trying to be sure.

Also… the making of video… In the rules it seems to say " please remember to add a making of video for the skills awards you wish to be considered for." Does this mean you need to specify what skill category you’re vying for or will you be considered for any category the judges feel applicable?


Yea I’m trying to figure out everything your asking as well. In addition, does the 30 second clip include credits? Could you submit a 35 second clip (last seconds being the credits)? Can the credits be separate from the clip (written out)?


Yeah, I was thinking I would just have to leave the credits/title out of the 30sec clip to make time. (I wasn’t sure if credits were absolutely necessary if it is just a “teaser”). But I’m not sure.


does any one know (more less) when we will see awards ? (after video ends?) or earlier?
how long was it in previous challenges ?


Hi there, just a quick question on submissions for the video category. What times does submission close next Tuesday? I’m presuming it’s midnight GMT but I’d hate to miss it - I think my entry is going to go right to the wire!!

Thanks and congratulations on a fantastic challenge


Please, please, please,please can you help me?!?!
Mistakenly I have sent a thumbnail image instead of the full 300dpi resolution image. Is there ANY chance for me to send the original one before the competition closes?


I just want to make things clear
Can I use music from a soundtrack only on condition that composer allowed me to do that
or I post a credit and that’s it
…Individual category of course
Thank you for answer


The exact time of the cutoff has been announced several times already. The cutoff is 12 midnight UTC/GMT time. Make sure you know what local time this equates to for you. The timer on this page is accurate:


The competition has closed. The submission system has been locked down. There’s no way for you or even any of the admins to submit an entry after the deadline has finished. I’m sorry but I’m afraid you’ve missed out on this one. Better luck next time.


So I have decided to just put some info slates in front of each separate video for my final delivery. So my final entry will be a little over 2 min but that is made up of the :30 spot, making of, and the full-length spot. I hope that works.


Can you teel me when is the deadline? I can’t find any info about the deadline.


You’re kidding me right ?

And here:
Here too:
And here:

And right here:

Image Submissions - 11.59pm UTC 19th January 2009
Video Submissions - 11.59pm UTC 3rd February 2009

They’ve been very prominent since the beginning of the Challenge.


I feel for you khendar…

guys please… I understand that we are all artists and perhaps artists intend to care nothing but their own images. But here is a forum and this is a challenge. There are instructions or so called RULES.

Please DON’T just see the challenge banner and go “hey this is cool! i’m gonna start something RIGHT NOW!”. Please DO spend at least one minute carefully read what’s on the challenge page, what categories there is, how to participate, what’s the price, who are the judges, and most of all, WHEN IS THE BLOODY DEADLINE!

There are over a thousand entries for this challenge. If every individual asks questions like this before read the instructions, staff members like khendar is gonna pull his hair off.


I have seen the bloody deadline now! Could next time type in bigger letters of the bloody deadline and sit it above the [font=Verdana][color=white]forum.[/color][/font]


Then how about some bloody freakin goggles ?

leave this arrogant mentality back in antwerp where it belongs !!!


Hey admins,

Question about video submission:

I know the final submission goes trailer–>making-of–>final video (in 1 consecutive file), however…in Lemog’s thread some questions have been brought up based on a bit of vague wording in the “Categories” page.

On the Categories page, it alludes to the idea that the “making-of” video is not mandatory (just “encouraged”) and that it should include no narration. The quote is here, as a footnote on that page:

Video entries (whether team or individual) wishing to be considered for an award(s) are encouraged to show off the skill(s) in a silent (no dialogue – background music is OK) ‘making of’ documentary immediately after their closing credits. There is a maximum of 90 seconds allowed for this in addition to the Video.

Now…I previously understood the making-of section to be mandatory, and also thought that narration is allowed (since my piece last year included narration and nobody alerted me that it was against the rules). So is that an accurate note on the Categories page? Because it seems to contradict information elsewhere. Some clarification on exactly what constitutes the making-of video, and whether or not narration is allowed would be most helpful :slight_smile:


…talking about “making of” videos? :cry: I am almost sure I will not have a single second to make it. In past there was an option to have it as video footage or just the same way as image category, regular wips we are submitting during the challenge. I believe this is still optional and judges will have access to our wip pages…


I don’t know. I saw some entrants works on different sites. As long as you credit CGTalk, I don’t think there’d be a problem. But, I’m not completely sure.

And I’m with tuminski. We really would love to see juries choices. But I’m sure it’s not an easy task to handle as long as there are so many entries.
Good luck to everyone.


About my previous reply:
I did not ask judges or administrator when we will see results.
I am patient man (beacuse i am sure i will win nothing ) i can wait like every body.
I asked if any body know how long it took in previous challenges. I am here first time.
I checked 1 previous challenge and results was after 7 days and Wondering if it was similar in other challenges…but nobody answer me ;(
to ertacaltinoz:
sory for my quote, i have nothing against your reply … i just saw my name (see oportunity) and trying ask some “veterans” again.
affcourse good luck for everybody !!