Frequently Asked Questions


The challenge database and the CGTalk database are not connected and we currently have no mechanism to change your entry email address. It can be done manually but you would have to ask us to do it.


You cannot submit your final full size image with the Upload Final Image page on the challenge site. Thats why we created the Uploader for you to use.

Your entry appears to be fine. We have your final full size image. I have hidden the full size ones because some people were concerned about their full size pieces being available on the net.


Why cant you upload your final image ? Are you using the ChallengeUploader to do it ? Please make sure you are following the instructions in the Final Upload Instructions thread.


we might need some help from the staff.
One of our team members entered his real name using a non html conform character.
could you please take a look at our challenge page.

J?lio should be Julio or if possible Júlio.

many thanks


to administrator:
I;m propobly not first…but…please tellme if my final (hi res) image is on the server!!!
i had some uploader problem.
I tryed send 9 mb jpg and i was waiting 10 minutes after i saw 100% and nothing…
i trayes again…nothing…than i tryed small pic…and woila !! but i saw 20 buttons with “sending compleate”
and i saw 20 images on my thread…:frowning:
but no one is large…
i send again large wersion…but again … i;m waiting 20 min and …nothing…
what should i do ? what resolution should be for jury ? maybe i could send something smaller and later version to print.??
please help…i know that everything is writen someware…but this time …(running)/…;(


Thanks for your interest.
I can not finish my image because of personal problems.
What I wanted to know is if I had to do something to withdraw from the competition. thanks again.


Sorry to hear you couldn’t complete the challenge. You do not have to do anything to withdraw.

Better luck next time.


Unfortunately it seems the Challenge-uploader doesn’t work for MAC…

did anyone experience the same problem?


I stickied it, I linked to it in the Final Submissions Details and FAQ threads, I even wrote IMPORTANT all over it. Honestly I don’t what more I could do.


hi khendar, thanks for the quick reply. You are right, it works now but too late…or not?


Afraid so. Submissions ended a couple of hours ago.



I’m in the Video entry and got a little trouble with uploading a WIP image. When you normally upload and it succeeds, it shows you another page to show you the newly uploaded image together with all the posts.
When i did it just a few minutes ago, it didn’t redirect me to the page bu instead gave me a red digit number where the errors go when you have forgotten something or attached a too big file. So i thought it got rejected and tried again. After 4 times i started looking for the problem but couldn’t find anything.
But then it seems the image got posted 4 times on my thread. Is there a way for you guys to delete the last 3 posts of the same image ?
I manually removed the last 3 out of sight in the thread myself. Just for appearance. But maybe you should look into the bug :beer:



Should be fine now. Sorry about that.


Hi I wanted to ask you when will the final judgement for the image category be ready? And also would there be comments from the Jury on all pieces or only on the winning ones?

Thanks in advance,


I have a small question, I hope you don’t mind :slight_smile:

I’m in the video category, and suppose to deliver a 30 sec. version of my film followed by my full version followed by a making of (if I want to), right?

You state that the 30 sec. version is for initial judging. Does that mean, that the full version won’t seen unless you are in doubt about a winner?
Because my film is most certainly made for (and storyboarded/planned) a 1:20 version, or about that timeframe, so the 30 sec. won’t give the same effect as the full version, in any way.
So will the full version be judged as well?

Another small in the same category:

The 30 sec. version, should that be a trailer to the full version, or should it tell the same story with ending and all, as the full version?

Cheers and thanks in advance :slight_smile:


The short videos are to give use a glimpse of what we should expect in the full video, think of them like movie trailers… they should show the best bits of your video, even if it doesn’t make a coherent story. At all points the full version of the video is available to watch; but we don’t require it to be watched until the final stages of judging.


Thanks a lot for your answer! :slight_smile:


I have a question regarding the final delivery for the video entry. ( I know this has in part been addressed earlier…but some further clarification would be helpful)

The official directions say that you will initially judge a 30sec cut of our piece. How does this work? Do you look at the 30sec pieces and then if you like them enough you e-mail us about sending you our full length edits? Or do we upload both the 30sec and the full-length versions at the end of the challenge regardless? (we essentially submit two finals?)

Also, regarding the making videos … Do you let us know if we are being considered first… and THEN we send you a making of video. It would seem like a ton of work to make a making of video only to not be in the running for anything. (Plus I wouldn’t know what category the making-of should address)

Thanks a lot,


Hey I just noticed that it says photoshop and only photoshop on my image, but I used 3ds max for some stuff too. Sorry about any misunderstanding.




Go read the “Deliverables” page, where they say what to turn in, and how:[i]

“30 second version of trailer for initial judging. Followed by a maximum of 90 sec making of material, followed by full length Video.”

[/i]It should all be in one long video, as far as I understand.