Frequently Asked Questions


Wonderful! Thank you so much. I’ll try to work extra hard since we’re given extra time.



I am going to assume the extension is real. Its like a really late Christmas present Now i don’t have to freak out about the rendering problems i have been having as much. Thanks for the gift.


The has been a 1 week extension to the Image deadline only. The Video deadline remains the same.


If you are having problems submitting your final piece on Mac OSX, please check the below thread for a possible solution:


Will you still be able to upload images via the contest submit form after the end of the week? This is if I intended not to finish on time, but to take my time and finish it a little while later. I don’t intend to enter my piece for the contest, but a portfolio. Or should an external image host be used at that point?


You wont be able to put it in the challenge thread, but you can certainly post it in your own portfolio.


I wonder if one can submit his/her entry from this CG Challenge for a Ballistic Publishing book, like Expose and such, later on…


So I would have to open up a new thread in the WIP section?


Yep, so far as I know you this forum will be closed for submissions and you will have to continue your work in another thread.


it says that Phong, white or grey shaders with ambient occlusion are recommended and cuts to close up shots showing modeling detail are also recommended.
So, what do I do to make sure the judges see these images? just submit them as WIP images or what?


Yup! :thumbsup:


I have upload too many pics by the ‘uploader’ mistakenly…and my thread on ‘view all entry’ section looks a little bit messy… how can I delete some former uploaded pics ? big thanks…


Is it possible to fix that “?” in name of my thread please? (Its like Filip nov? atm), it have to be “y” (like Filip Novy). Its my fault sorry :blush:

link ---->


Same here:blush:
Mine is “Ertac Altinoz” in English. If it is possible, otherwise no prob.

Good luck with the contest to everyone!


I’m trying to upload an animatic for my Steampunk challenge trailer using the CGUploader. After the file uploads it says:

“This feature is only available to CGS Members”

And nothing shows up in my Steampunk thread. The only options for the category are 2d, 3d and video. I tried video… any suggestions?


Oops… never mind. Useful thing that search feature.


just to be clear, i submitted my final with the uploader. do i still need to duplicate that with a post in my thread? or is that considered it?



I changed my contact e-mail on CGTalk sometime after joining the Challenge, and I’ve been getting pretty much all of my CGT e-mail to the new address, but I just logged into the old one after not checking it for a while and I have gotten a few challenge-related e-mails there, namely the Final Submission Details and Extension e-mails.

Is there a way to change the e-mail address associated with my challenge entry?



Dear all,

im done with my final steampunk challenge image. today i was trying to upload final image
via UPLOAD FINAL IMAGE button on challenge site. i entered username password and postal adress but it stops there and doesn jumps to the next upload page.
then i used challenge uploader and under Steampunk Myth and Legents - Final Image
i uploaded my final jpg high res. Now where can i see my final high res image… on forum it just showing the final image but not in actual size(above 3000 pxl in 300 dpi) it is there in small size around 1280 pxl . i just wanted to confirm whether my final entery is uploaded or not.


sorry, but I can´t upload my final image. I can´t finish it . I need make something?. thanks