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dear jury,
since i am really confused which story i want to take for the final submit, i tried to finish both concepts. now both of them are finished. it´s really hard to decide which one to submit as the final image, because i like both of them. is it possible to submit both as final images?
thanks in advance for your answer.
kind regards, heri irawan

Once upon a time king Arthur did not want to go to sleep because of a problem with his tooth. His last tooth was wobbly. His son, who saw that his father was worrrying, asked him why he was so afraid to loose his tooth since he already lost a lot. King Arthur explained that he had a dream the tooth fairy was taking his last tooth. Since his childhood he was afraid of the tooth fairy.
His son laughed and told the father:“This is just mythos and legend!“

In Greek mythology, Stymphalian birds were man-eating birds with wings of brass and sharp metallic feathers they could launch at their victims, and were pets of Ares, the god of war. Furthermore, their dung was highly toxic. They had migrated to Lake Stymphalia in Arcadia to escape a pack of wolves, and bred quickly and took over the countryside, destroying local crops and fruit trees. Ridding the land of these birds was one of Heracles’ Twelve Labors, and some sources claim the Stymphalian birds were the same avians that attacked the Argonauts.


Does the upload problem for final images using the uploader also prevent me from uploading further WIPs for the video challenge.

It says since a couple of hours:
“You have already submitted an entry in the last 90 seconds.”
Or is there a limited number of submissions per day?



I’m having the same problem… says that I uploaded in the last 90 seconds when it’s been over an hour…


I have to agree that a small deadline extension should be seriously considered. I noticed many of the 3D entries are still far from finished and there is a very large amount of more completed 2D entries, with many 2D artists able to entertain multiple concept ideas. I’m not trying to sound petty, it’s just the nature of the two media. I think that even a small deadline push would help out many people. For me, it looks like I can rush to make the deadline, but even a day or two extension would probably be a relief. I can’t say sleep has been one of my current hobbies :stuck_out_tongue: Not to mention that rushing to finish a project does great injustice to the quality of the final piece.



Heh, I’d love a deadline extension :). But at the least, I’m having the same problem uploading, it says I’ve uploaded an image within 90 seconds, when it’s been well over an hour. Also, for some reason my last update was put in with a time stamp hours behind the actual posting time?


Same problem…


Just an update… seems to work now. At least it did the last time I tried. :slight_smile:


Up until a couple of weeks back, for some reason I thought it was the 3rd of Feb. Then I realised that was for the video challenge. Damn near had a heart attack when I realised :slight_smile:

Still doesn’t work for me :(.


Same issue here, I just completed the upload a couple of seconds ago, and then I got the same message, that I have already submitted an entry in the last 90 seconds (which does not apply).
So, are we really done with the final image upload?


I have the same problem about the submission of entries on my thread (it says I have already submitted an entry in the last 90 seconds)… I’d like to post some more wip images before sending the final… Help!


Does anyone know the final cut off time for the submission tomorrow? Or at least know what time deadline time normally is for contest?




I have the same question. Seeing as how we are all over the world January 12th ends for all of us at different times when does it “end”.


When you go to the “submit entry” page you can see just on top the countdown for the image and the video category…This is for all people the same and I hope at least this information is reliable…



That’s true. By my reckoning that makes the deadline 5am Tuesday morning (13th) GMT.


The 90 Second problem has been fixed (see my last post in the Submission Details Thread for more info).

I’ve also been told there will be a deadline extension of at least a couple of days, but I will post more information when its confirmed.


I see that you are talking about a possible extension, also i don’t see a confirmation anywhere yet, so… The page to add milestones now displays that there are 7 days left and not 1… I was trying to figure out how much time I had left. Is it a mistake or is it for real?>.>
Thank you!


Same problem here, and unfortunately no PCs around to help me.




it said 22 hrs+ for me a bit ago and now says 7 days 21hrs +.

i hope that means we get another week. :slight_smile:


An extra 7 days sure would be a welcome sight for the video challenge as well… but alas it does not appear to be so… sigh…