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There is no longer a 3D or 2D challenge, both Video and Still image are available to both.


So long as it matches the theme, we don’t care.

We usually suggest a shorter animation because we’re aware that if a project is too ambitious, it will never get completed. Aim for 90-180 seconds, but if you can get your message across in 15, or need 5 minutes, you won’t be penalized.


ANY myth or legend.

On a personal note, if you introduce me to a cool classic story I’ve not heard before, I’m going to be impressed :wink:


From the FAQ:

Q: Can I use Poser, Daz 3D or pre-fabricated models?

A: Yes. This is no different from using your own pre-built models or the parametric models now availble in most 3D systems. However you should add significant creative input to make the models and results unique?

We also allow your own pre-built models, however you should probably let people know where the models came from originally :slight_smile:


Just a quick question: on the Inspiration page you have text snippets of fictional stories involving Charles Babbage and Sherlock Holmes. Does that mean that we can find inspiration and themes from literature as well? I mean Sherlock Holmes is strictly speaking neither a myth nor a legend but a fictional character (and Charles Babbage was a very real historical person).



I have a question: on the character - can i use a mechanic with human issue on MashineFlash style?


Thank you for replying to both questions.
Let the creativity begin!!

Peace Love & Light


hi there , i am from Egypt , and i wanted to know ,
do u send prizes to Egypt ??


Absolutely - see my earlier post. The overall idea behind the ‘myths and legends’ was to move it away from the typical steampunk setting, and time-period.


We don’t ship prizes anywhere - that is the responsibility of the sponsors. If they are unable to ship to you, it may be possible for you to find a third party to ship prizes to who can forward your prizes to you.

Also, keep in mind from the rules:

Any import taxes or duties on prizes must be paid by the prize winner. It is illegal for Ballistic Media or any of the sponsors to pay duties and taxes on behalf of a winner. Ballistic Media and sponsors will not make false valuation claims to assist winners from evading any applicable duties and taxes.



you’d think as an admin, I could bypass the 10 char limit


Hello …

Quick Question

Can I Share My W.I.P In Another WebSite…


very useful link to you !!


I have problem, I can’t see any entry in " view all entry page"
or I have to look somewhere else?
I use firefox 3


I was posting for the same reason. Doesnt seem the view entries works (hi monsijt :wink: )


I just invite a fried to join in my team and when he want to aswere on the mail gets an FATAL ERROR! Why is that? The user name is CostiB.



Thanks, this really opens up the possibilities!



Im very sorry for this spam , but no one answered my question. So is there a problem if i-m not 18 years old ? Thank you very much ! I really want to participate at this one.


Sorry I was waiting for a response from someone else. I don’t see an immediate problem with you entering if you are under 18.


Can we make orgiginal artwork based on existing characters (fan art?) for example a steampunk version of predator? thank you