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Did you check the console ? Are you receiving any error messages ? Are you following the instructions for running the uploader ?

There is an issue with running the Uploader on OSX due to the incompatible version of Java on the operating system.

If you cant get the uploader working then send me an email when you are ready for final submission and I’ll sort out a solution.


I am gonna try to use my friend’s pc to submit my stuff :stuck_out_tongue:


I get this idea from reading the deadline informations listed on instruction page

• The Image category will run for 8 weeks. Finishing on 12 January 2009.
• The Video categories will run for 12 weeks. Finishing on 03 February 2009.

Starting from 10 November 2008 for both categories… 8 weeks are ending on 5 January 2009, 12 weeks are ending on 03 February 2009. Just compare it to Uplift Universe official deadlines at least - I hardly believe you wanted to add only 3 weeks extra for video folks this time. I don´t want to go down the way of speculations, just don´t call me the way you did in your replay since it is a bit on edge to me. I am not a new challenger with no idea about how the things are working here, so please, I just asked if it is possible to add extra time. Thanks.


It seems that there might have is a slight miscalculation on our part. I can see how that may have been misleading. but the deadlines have been set at the 12th of Jan and the 3rd of Feb since the beginning. They haven’t been pushed at all.

I apologise if my tone seemed abrupt, but I was confused as to where you got the idea the deadline had been moved, and I wanted to make sure that everyone understood that the deadlines stand as they were originally announced.

Any decision regarding the extension of deadline would have to be agreed upon by CGS staff, judges and forum leaders, so we will only consider a change if absolutely necessary.


Yeah I think I noticed this miscalculation in “hot times” of server issues and upload problems and found it as a sort of silent change. All is understandable now. Thanks and sorry. Better to squeez out what is possible from the rest of the following weeks :arteest:


After compleetion 100% uploading there was a message:“This feature is only available to CGS members”…is it ok??
But I cant understand my image perfectly uploaded or not…how can I confirm my Image is uploaded perfectly…:rolleyes:

Now I want to again upload my final Image in larger resolution…so can I upload 2 final Images(same images,just different resolution)?
Please help me…:sad:

please tell me..
Surajit Sen
3D Artist



Are you using the right Uploader ? Please make sure you are using the ChallengeUploader and not the CGUploader. They are two different programs. One is for the Challenge and the other is for the Portfolio. You will only get that message if you are using the one for Portfolio.

Please download the ChallengeUploader from this link:



Thanks for your reply …
I uploaded my final Image through C[color=#fffffe]G Challenger Up loader by using your given link.
Ive got a message :“Upload OK”
Is it OK? How can I get any notification for confirmation of uploading Final Image?
Now please tell me can I upload the same image with higher resolution ?
(I don’t want to replace my previous Final Image,I want to upload my final Image with two different resolution)[/color]

Surajit Sen
3D Artist


I have read a bunch of these but haven’t seen this question so I’ll ask:

Which final image does the jury judge? The smaller final or the full size 300DPI image? My thread had both but looked like a double post so I only left the full size final which I uploaded using the ChallengeUploader. Sorry just want to be sure I don’t get disqualified over something I missed.
Thank you,


The Final Full size image is a requirement for completion. I am not sure which gets judged to be honest, but you must have the full sized image to be considered for judging. If you have the final full size image in your thread, then you’ve completed the requirements.


Hi to everyone!
First, I’d like to thank you! You are answering all posts and this means much to all of us, I’m sure.

I’m from Turkey and I’m writing my problem directly:

I know, theree is a little time before the challenge is ver for the 2D cathegory; I’m working full time to catch the deadline. But today I noticed that it’s not possible to upload my latest WIP because of the maintenance. I’ve checked ChallengeUploader, but after seeing the maintenance on the site, I decided to check it again. And there is a problem here, I think.

In the ChallengeUploader Dialog Box, CANT SELECT ANY CATEGORIES(they are not visible)When I click on empty category box it says

"could not select database(synergy)Can’t connect to local MySQLserver through socket var\lib\mysql\mysqlsock’(111)…blah blah blah…Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started)" …(thats all)

I also can’t enter my username and password. And “Upload File” button is not active.

I’m curious about the problem. Is the problem related to my computer and my java settings OR is it a server problem(because these are the last days, maybe there are lots of tries for the upload)? Do you have any idea? Or are there anyone having the same problem???

If I asked a dumb question, please forgive me; I’m not familiar with the uploader thing. I know there is still some time before the deadline but I’m in the countryside and if the problem is with my computer, then I’ll go to the nearest city:) So, I’m asking before it’s too late.

Thanks for your help, I really don’t want to be disqalified because of my bad luck:)
Oh, and that was a really breathtaking challenge, thanks for the entertaining topic!


Ertac, you’re not the only one. Quite a few people are having problems- the other thread (here) is where people are having cups of coffee and relaxing until the servers are back up. :slight_smile:


I had high hopes for my entry, but unfortunately I had a heart attack and surgery just before Christmas. And when I got back home I found a book cover assignment waiting for me, so have to work on that instead of the challenge. It was fun though, as far as I got with it. Sorry for dropping out. Unavoidable.




OK sorry everyone. Its gone down again for further maintenance. We hope to have it back up soon.

Don’t panic about the deadline, we will most likely be pushing it back a bit.


Oooh, that’s a bit of relief. I’ve been putting silly hours into this over the past few days. Err, any idea by how much?


Hello Khendar!!
I want to ask you a question.
In the last 3 days I tryed to post my texturing and posproduction process but the server allways is down for maintenance…
This will be a problem when I will try to submit my final image??
Thank you very much!!


i’m thinking the same thing. i have no chance of wining, but i want to finish at least. even another day would make a difference since i was thinking the deadline was the 15th until yesterday.


Can we pleeeaaaase have a confirmation about the moving of the deadline? Or at least an answer to the question about the time shift? It’s the 12th alright, but what does this mean for the Europaen? I wouldn’t have to ask if we were able to read the challenge infos:blush: …



i have the same proplem here !!!