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i keep trying to upload my final image to the FTP server but its saying the password is incorrect. anyone having the same problems?

i’ve copied and pasted the same password CGtalk gave me and typed it in manually and im getting nothing. :confused:


Please read the thread before posting your questions. I’m getting tired of repeating myself.


sorry about that man i understand,

thanks for responding.


I hope this hasn’t been asked/answered before. I’ve tried to read through the thread, but might have missed a post of two.

I’ve participated in the Video Category.
I wan’t to render out my film in 16:9 format, so initially I figured that 1280720 would be sufficient, and then just scale it down into a 640480 format with black boxes on top and bottom.
Doing some rendertests today though, I can see that it would help A LOT, if I just render in the delivered fomat (640*360 that would be).

My question is, whether it would be a bad idea to render in such a low resolution?



Okay folks its the news you’ve all been waiting for. We’ve got the final challenge submission details sorted out for you.

To simplify things for everybody we have decided to use the Challenge Uploader to turn in your final submissions. This will eliminate any problems with the FTP set up.

Help on using the ChallengeUploader can be found at the CGUploader page.

Please make sure you download the Uploader from the link below, not from the help page.
When using the Uploader, enter your CGTalk username and password, and then from the Category drop down box, select either Steampunk; Myths and Legends - Image: Final Image or Steampunk; Myths and Legends - Video:Finished Video, depending on which challenge you have entered.

Complete all the fields in the uploader before submitting your file.

Some submission guidelines for you:

Image Guidelines

[li] High Quality (95-100%) RGB JPEG, maximum possible resolution (without upsampling).
[/li][li] Image dimensions should be print resolution (as large as you can possibly render). Do not send in a low-resolution placeholder and ask us to get back to you, as we won’t.
[/li][li] A guideline is 2657 pixels wide and/or 3636 high, 300 DPI.
[/li][li] DO NOT upsample your images to achieve higher resolution. If you cannot reach the desired full-page resolution, just send in what you have.
[/li][li] More information about image size and quality is included in the Challenge Deliverables page

Video Guidelines

[li] Must be encoded in FLV format
[/li][li] Can be in 4:3 (eg 640x480) or 16:9 (eg 640x360) aspect ratio
[/li][li] Submitted via the Challenge Uploader
[/li][li] Information about encoding and tools to use is included in the Challenge Deliverables page

If you have submitted your final piece via the Uploader, but at a lower quality, you can upload your final image again at a higher quality.

More information regarding final submissions can be found at the Submit Final Image page


630 * 360 is fine. It’s more important to have smooth animation then higher resolution. The human perceptual system makes moving images look higher resolution than still images.

As you have found – its way faster to render at the smaller resolution. If this lets you it;s probably better to use spare CPU power to do better antialiasing then render at higher resolution. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that it;s better to render at double resolution and scale down to improve antialiasing – this is very innefficent compared to the antialiasing algorithms buit into renderers like mental ray.


I already asked on previous page but since I see MarkSnoswell is back in discussion I better asking again. ExHolidays would be a nice excuse to extend the deadline for video category as well. I had ambitious plan to create a closed story for this myths/legends topic and some extra time could bring it closer to reality. I am not going to give up this challenge if your answer will be NO, there always is a chance to finish on time. But it will be very nice and essential if you could make the statement around these days. If I am the only one who took not effective direction this time just ignore this post. Thanks and sorry for spaming.


Thanks a lot for your time!
I’ll spend time optimizing the small render, istead of render double size then :slight_smile:

@Juraj: Sure more time would be nice, but I guess that’s the deal with deadlines :wink:


yeah, the deadline changes are part of these challenges since EON what I remember. So somewhere deep inside your creative mind you can hope for it. We don’t need to discuss the importance of deadlines. The image category have it extended because of server problems. I believe we all can use the extra time without doubts. It just happend I had to ask. Good luck :thumbsup:


hi, how resubmitted my final image


Check the post with the big red IMPORTANT heading on the previous page.


i’ve submitted a first time my final image but after little changing on my pic i want submit for a second time my image, but when i start the challenge loader i have the choose category menu butdon’t have the category finale image, ???


Is there a problem with servers today??? I tried many times to go challenge page but I couldn’t reach that pages at all,I tried different web browsers and every time browser told me that this connection isn’t working(challenge page only)but I can go to forums and main page without problems,I wonder why this is happening?


Hi everyone ,Im new here and that’s my first post ,and im little confused !! Acctually Im not so sure that Im writing on the right place, so I apologize if Im doing wrong! I have problem and i need help,I can’t open the CG Challenge page for the Stempunk to submit entry. Im opening all other pages on CGsociety except this. I don’t know what is going on! Maybe is my browser or something else, please if somebody knows how I can fix that I will appreciate that!!!

Thank you!!!


My upload button in uploader is disable after completion all browsing and other fillup…
please tell me how can I solve this problem??

Surajit Sen
3D Artist


I have the same upload problem and i can´t see any preview pictures in the threads!


Hi…I uploaded my final Image atlast!! after compleetion 100% uploading there was a messege:“this feature is only available to CGS members”…is it ok??
But Now I want to again upload my final Image in larger resolution…so can I upload 2 final Image(same image,just different resolution)?
and How can I confirm my image is perfectly uploaded?..

please tell me…
Surajit Sen
3D Artist


same here. servers hosed?


Yes we’re having server issues at the moment. We’re working on getting them resolved but in the meantime you may experience problems with making your final submission. Don’t panic, there are still a few days to go and we will not penalise people if our servers are not online in time.

So that no one gets the wrong idea about this, the deadline for the Image category has NOT been extended! I’m not sure where this idea came from, but the deadline has NOT changed.

If the server is still having issues when the deadline rolls around, then we will have no choice but to roll it back a bit. But there are still a few days left to go, and the deadline stands as it is.


Hi i have osx 10.5.6 and I can’t run the uploader, I checked all my software are updated and i have java but whenever i run the uploader I get an error message telling me to check console, i am reallyreally frustrated…anyone with a mac witha the same problem???