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it seems there is a problem on the view entries page. None of the ten last submission have an active thumbnail


yup … the same here :frowning: … something’s wrong …


Just another reference pic, in case anyone is considering Steampunk Nanites…


Hi guys!
I’m having difficulties with uploading my final entry image on “Steampunk” CG Challenge. For some reason (either) the hostname, username and/or password are not valid and I can not establish a FTP connection with your server.

Please advise.

Mido Kapetanovic


Sorry about this basic question but I’m wondering if I have created the correct size .psd file following submission guidelines. In Photoshop when creating a new document, are these settings for a portrait layout correct?

Width: 2657
Height: 3636
Resolution: 300
Color Mode: RGB Color 8 bit
Background Contents: Transparent
Image Size is then listed as 27.6M

Part of what is confusing me is that this seems to be a very large file size to start with…the blank image with these settings should be 27.6M ?

Thank you…


Im now ready to render my final images.
My Render settings are like following…
A4 setup
Image Aspect Ratio:0.70716
Pixel Aspect:1
Aperture Width(mm)36
Format:Jpeg and Tiff
Now my quaries are:

1)Are the images with this settings acceptable ?
2)How will I upload my final Images?
3)Please tell me the process of upload with FTP.

Thank you

Surajit Sen


My last update is not showing…is something wrong in threads? I had ensured everything 150kb…etc.


Hi everyone. I would like to credit my textures source. Where do I credit it?


yeah me too. Anyone knows why is it happening ??. :surprised


me too… we need help :bounce:


Are you guys submitting via the web based entry form or via the challengeuploader program?

I have just uploaded an image and it worked fine.


I use cyberduck and receive a message of uncorrected login. Thanks khendar


To everyone who has trouble with the FTP submission:

I e-mailed about this problem some weeks ago.
They said they were having issues with the submission servers and are unable to accept final entries. Final instructions will be e-mailed to you when the problems are fixed.


As has been stated several times already, we don’t yet have the final submission details finalised. You will be notified by email of the ftp details when they are sorted.


Hmm there’s only like 13 days left till the challenge ends…I hope they sort the FTp problem soon…i am kindda anxious to get my entry in


No one is going to be penalised for late submission if the submission server is not fixed by the the deadline.The problem affects everybody equally, until the server is fixed, no one is able to submit their final piece. So there is no reason to panic.


In that case… What are you doing here, Tim? Go enjoy the holiday season with your family, and don’t come back to fix the servers for 3 or 4 weeks! :slight_smile:


I have some queries regarding uploading. Please help me with the solutions.These queries are :

I have received user name & password but while loggin in it showing as incorrect id & password. i am quite tensed how will I upload the final image.

My final image format is A4 300Dpi resolution(tif format), but the pixel ratio is little less than your guideline. Will this be accepted?

Do I have to submit the wire mode and occlusion (image size) mode along with the final image?
I want to upload some notes regarding my work. How will I upload it?

Please help me with the solutions.
Thank You.
Surajit Sen.


the guideline is only a guideline, if you can not reach the pixel ratio that mentioned in the instructions, just submit what you have, it will be accepted.

your final submission should contain only one image.


Holiday season is “slowly ending”, time to get back to work and this challenge. Any chance to add extra week also for video folks? Thanks.