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HI all,

I’ve seen so many things posted so far. I had a couple of ideas that I’d like to develop, but I’m not sure if they’re ok or not.
I was wondering if the story of Peter Pan is still good even if it’s not a legend or mith…(I think).

can you please let me know?

thank you!



When enter the contest I didn’t enter my full name. I update my member’s information and I notice it didn’t update in the contest. what should I do?


hello again no1 saw this so im gonna reask:)) sry if it causes any troubles:)

i got 1 question…i saw that there is stated a resolution as a guidline…is there any restrictions to the aspect ration of our image? or should it be ~2:1 as that resolution suggests?



Q: I was working on my entry a little bit before the steam punk competition began is it still usable as an entry?


Hey Guys!

I’ve some ideas about the subject of this challenge, but I’m not sure if they’re ok or not. I’ve seen some fairytale posted recently and I’m wondering if Peter Pan is also a valid subject.

Can you please let me know?

thank you.


is it possible to make two final entries?
please let me know,thanks in advanced.


The only way you can enter two is by having one in video and one in image. But for each of those categories, you might be better off focusing all of your energy into one solid entry instead of dividing your time between two. Just pick one! :slight_smile:


help do you get your thread to show the latest update and the challenge page link?



Read though the FAQ (that’s THIS thread btw) and you’ll see that your question has already been answered.


This classifies as pre-made materials - if the judges can tell you’ve just jammed something into your scene then they’re not going to be so favorable in the voting. So it’s sort of up to you - we do allow pre-existing assets however.


It’s stretching the boundaries a bit - if you were to go down this route, i’d suggest being as little like Disney as you can however.


Make a note of it in your thread, we generally use the CGSociety ID for identification purposes however - so long as this is valid, it’s all ok.


Do you have a virtual windows install? Windows is evidently far more forgiving and JRE6 runs on everything back to Windows 2000.


Im now ready to render my final images.
My Render settings are like following…

Image Aspect Ratio:1.36846
Pixel Aspect:1
Aperture Width(mm)36
Format:Jpeg and Tiff
Now my quarries are:

1)Are the images with this settings acceptable ?
2)How will I upload my final Images?
3)Please tell me the process of upload with FTP.
4)Can I render my Image with 2500/1354??

Please inform me…
Thank you

Surajit Sen


how do I get an image to show in the thumbnail for my thread?


hello i’m trying to send in my final image but it keeps saying that the password is wrong when i try to connect to the ftp site. is uplifted correct.


It’s automatic - when you post images using the “submit entry” link the system builds the threads for you.


hi, i have a little problem, in challenge in my name is “?” :slight_smile:
there is Martin Po?ta, can u fix it? thx :slight_smile:


Hi, i join into competition and my name is with “?” symbol :slight_smile:
can u pls fix it? it should be “s” (Martin Posta) thx.


None of the images I submitted is showing up. I get an empty image in the preview. I made sure my jpeg was under 150kb. What am I doing wrong?