Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can i use the play for my video?
    For example:
    Edmond Rostand - Cyrano de Bergerac or
    Pierre Corneille - Le Cid, etc.

  2. Can i make my final video like trailer for feature film?
    Of course, i will try tell a story in my video :wink:



i got 1 question…i saw that there is stated a resolution as a guidline…is there any restrictions to the aspect ration of our image? or should it be ~2:1 as that resolution suggests?



Hi, I hope that I’m not repeating question, but haven’t found an clear answer.

We make a 90sek (+/-a few sek) animated short movie + time for credits and making of. We have to make a 30sek trailer of it as well? and as our final entry should be a long movie consisting of a ~30s trailer + credits and making of + ~90s short in a single one video file? Or a trailer shoudl be a separate upload.



Q: I’m not sure how the Ballistic publishing ties in with this competition, but is it permissible for us to submit our ‘Steampunk’ work to the Expose 7 as well?


I am hoping someone can help me.

I am trying to upload a video using th “CGporfolio uploader” and I keep getting a message after I click “upload” that says. “This feature is only available to CGS members”. Does this message pop up for everyone? It happens after the uplaod gets to 100%. I know my username and password are correct… and all my file formats are correct.

If my file gets uplaoded correctly will the CG uploader tell me? It just sits on the same screen with all the fields filled out and has that same “This feature is only available to CGS members” at the bottom. I think something is wrong.



This has been covered several times already. Please take the time to read the thread.

Make sure you are using the CGChallenge Uploader not the regular CGUploader. They are two seperate tools.

Normal image updates should be submitted using the Submit Entry Page. You should only use the Challenge Uploader if your images are larger than 150kb or you are uploading a video.


Ok, thanks. It is just that the forum thread is 20 pages long. I couldn’t figure out how to search the thread. I am hating the java files. Only the image uploaded works for me.


Alright… I now understand the difference in the .jav files. It is strange that one works for me and the other doesn’t. The “challengeuploader.jar” file does not want to run for me. I have Mac OS 10.4 and use JRE 5… I asked a friend with the same OS to see if it works for him and he also has the same issue.

The error message I get is
“The jar file “challengeuploader.jar” couldn’t be launched. Check the Console for possible error messages”

I DID have somebody run it who has OS 10.5 and only after they set it to JRE 6 did it run.

My programmer friend (and apologize beecause he’s a jerk sometimes ) says there’s no way it works with JRE 5.

Any suggestions? Thanks!


If you friend reckons that it works in JRE6 then try upgrading to 6.


I can’t upgrade to 6 because Mac OS 10.4 doesn’t support it. Only 10.5 supports it and that costs money. Surely someone has run into this issue. There must be other Mac users who have encountered this.


Unfortunately I don’t think there is much we can do to help you. The uploader was compiled for JRE6 which means it simply wont run on JRE5. I’m afraid you’ll either have to upgrade your OS or use another computer to submit your files.


Thanks anyway.


found my answer, sorry :frowning:


I committed a stupid mistake, my entry has been my nickname, there will be any problem.

sorry for my bad english


I have changed the name on your entry to Patricio Morales.


Ok, thanks.


I’m now ready to render my final images.
My Render settings are like following…

Image Aspect Ratio:1.36846
Pixel Aspect:1
Aperture Width(mm)36
Format:Jpeg and Tiff
Now my quaries are:

1)Are the images with this settings acceptable ?
2)How will I upload my final Images?
3)Please tell me the process of upload with FTP.

Thank you

Surajit Sen


I’m somewhat interested in that too. I know my planned final render at 2657 X 3636 is acceptable, but uploading is a concern, as I’m on dialup.


just zip up the final and when it gets closer to the end you’ll get an email with the address to upload to.

if you haven’t used ftp before, it’s really quite simple. these videoes , particularly the upload one, will explain the process as god as i can explain it. they’re for smartftp, but any ftp client should work the same.


I’m having issues with some of our servers - once they’re resolved I’ll email you with details of how to upload images.

I’ll even make some pretty posts about the way to do it (We’ll be using filezilla because it works on everything).

Sorry to the Dialup people - try to find someone who can upload the image on your behalf - or just wait it out.